Welcome to A Cornish Geek!

Formerly A Few of My Favourite Things, A Cornish Geek is home to Emma, Cornish and proud, uber geek, bookworm, stationery obsessed, proud mumma and self-care enthusiast.



Stick around and you can expect to find book and film reviews, new stationery addictions, fangirl obsessions, regular self-care tips and more on the best places to visit in Cornwall. A cute toddler will drop in from time to time too – a fellow bookworm with a particular fondness of Disney musicals, trains, Duplo and Ed Sheeran.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to A Cornish Geek!”

  1. You did it! It looks great! Well done, all your hard work has paid of – your whole site looks so professional. Your new picture is nice and natural, if I ever upgrade I am going to beg you to do a how to go self hosted post 🙈 ❤️

    1. Thanks so much :) There’s still shit loads to do with tidying old posts but I’m chuffed with how it looks at first glance. I know people who have paid someone hundreds of pounds to do it all for them but I’ve just been slugging it out.

      1. I like that it’s simple but eye catching and easy to go through, keep up the good work and all the finally touches will fall into place. I see people advertise a big fee for helping, you must feel pretty chuffed right now :D You definitely have the brains in your family 😂

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