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In the spotlight: Victoria Whitaker from The Old Farmhouse Jewellery

Once a month, I’ll be putting the spotlight on an emerging creative talent, giving them the chance to talk about their craft, share their experiences and provide a platform for people to see their work. I’ll be talking to filmmakers, writers, designers and bloggers, asking what inspired them to create their products, how they they plan to build their business and, of course, about their favourite things.

Up this month is jewellery designer Victoria Whitaker, from The Old Farmhouse Jewellery. This uber-talented woman also runs two businesses with her family – Splodge and Crafty Maids.

Victoria WhitakerName: Victoria Whitaker
Age: 27
Profession: Crafty Maids Shop Owner/Designer of The Old Farmhouse Jewellery
Location: Cornwall, UK


Do you remember the moment when you decided that this was what you want to do?
I just kind of fell into it really, took a hobby and turned it into business to keep myself occupied on the lead up to having a baby.


What did you study and where?
I studied at Marjon’s and qualified as a primary school teacher.


Networking and collaboration is key in the creative industries. Who couldn’t you do this without?
My iPhone … I love it! Facebook/Twitter and Instagram!

The Old Farmhouse Jewellery

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everything thats around me, looking at the latest trends, old school fashion/vintage. I am forever sketching and sometimes can not sleep if I have been making/researching!


What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in your area?
Be original and keep one step ahead.

The Old Farmhouse Jewellery

What are your career plans for the next year?
Take the jewellery making to the next level and get The Old Farmhouse Jewellery out to other stockists.


What is your ideal future?
Have a house and a workshop in the country, surrounded by doggies and kiddies!


Tell me about a few of your favourite things. What is your favourite…

Has to be the Twilight series – hooked, not just on the story but the setting/the houses/furniture.

Twilight series (read over and over).

Pinterest – brilliant for the crafty freak I am … hated by my husband and friends when we decided to make a tipee for Maggie’s 1st birhday!

TK Maxx – I love a designer bargain!

Porthcurnow Beach on a sunny day with a good book (pre-babies).

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