Coming soon to DVD: The Great Gatsby

the great gatsby bluray steelbook from amazonThe first time I saw the trailer for The Great Gatsby I knew I had to see it in the cinema. It’s one of those films that looks so grand that to see it for the first time on a small screen would almost be cheating. Then the cinema release was delayed. Then I moved house and the nearest cinema got even further away. Boo. I even made sure I read the book beforehand. And now it’s gonna be out on bluray in time for Christmas! And, in fact, in time for my birthday. Score! And the best bit? There’s a pretty steelbook version. Yay! It’s £19.50 from Amazon and released on Monday. So if, like me, you’re a fan of Moulin Rouge, Leonardo DiCaprio and gorgeous visuals, you’d better get pre-ordering!

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