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Beautiful Blogger Award

The lovely Hannah from Put the Kettle On has nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. She said such lovely things about my blog over in her post:

“The item of the day posts are always a good-un on this blog and result in more things being added to my list of wants there’s already too many things on that list! She has great taste and always finds cool stuff that just needs to be shared!”

It really made my day to read such nice comments and know that other people like my favourite finds.

beautiful blogger award

Anyhoo, the ‘rules’ of the award are that you nominate seven other blogs for the award and share the love. You may have noticed that I added a blogroll to my sidebar earlier this week and I genuinely recommend them all. For this award, I’d like to nominate some other bloggers with fabulous taste. So, if you like the kind of things I post about, I highly recommend checking out these lovely ladies’ blogs:

1. Fashion For Lunch: This gal always manages to hunt down quirky fashion finds – and she has the cutest kitty shoes!

2. More About Cat: Cat has similar TV and comic book tastes to me and I can’t wait to read about the start of her crafting adventures.

3. Hello Wonderful: Ella’s wish lists have recently consisted of items that I’ve either recently bought or pinned or instantly started coveting. I’m like a magpie attracted to something shiny when I scroll through her posts.

4. Now That’s Pretty: a very pretty craft blog with splashes of general lifestyle, including recipes, fashion and random musings.

5. Little Paper Swans: must-have fashion and yummy recipes, accompanied by dreamy original photography.

6. Becky Bedbug: I often find Becky over on the various blogger chats. She’s a fellow magazine junkie with impeccable style. I also love the photography in her book posts – books are so pretty!

7. The Cake Hunter: gorgeous baked goods that make me want to spend more time in the kitchen!

Happy reading! :)

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