In the spotlight: Simon from Wraptious

Every month or so, I’ll be putting the spotlight on an emerging creative talent, giving them the chance to talk about their craft, share their experiences and provide a platform for people to see their work. I’ll be talking to filmmakers, writers, designers and bloggers, asking what inspired them to create their products, how they they plan to build their business and, of course, about their favourite things.

This month the spotlight is on Simon Wadsworth, founder of Wraptious.

simon wadsworth from wraptiousName: Simon Wadsworth
Age: 30
Profession: Graphic Designer, Founder of Wraptious
Location: Manchester

Do you remember the moment when you decided that this was what you want to do?
For me, there was never really a moment. I always knew I wanted to launch my own creative business; it just took a while to build up the necessary experience and confidence to give it a go!

What did you study and where?
I studied Geography at the University of Leeds, which essentially was just a great excuse to go travelling.

Networking and collaboration is key in the creative industries. Who couldn’t you do this without?
Wraptious is made up of a multitude of extremely talented artists and illustrators. I couldn’t have launched the community or got it to where it is today without them! Also my lifelong friend John-Paul, who challenges and questions me at every turn, and has been a great rock throughout.


Where do you get your inspiration from?
People! From friends and family, to artists and customers I meet at events, to strangers I get chatting to in coffee shops.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in your area?
Don’t be afraid to fail; experiment and get outside your comfort zone and work hard. Though, above all, find the thing you’re most passionate and enthusiastic about. Everything else comes from that.

What are your career plans for the next year?
To continue growing Wraptious and supporting more artists, illustrators, photographers and designers. Each and every one of our artists creates unique, awesome work and it’s our job to share it as far and as wide as possible. We’re also attending Spring Fair at the NEC in February 2015 – our first big trade show, and I’m very excited about this already!

wraptious artwork

What is your ideal future?
I’m quite a focused and dedicated chappy and have lots of plans, goals, ambitions – both for Wraptious, and personally. But for me, the journey is more important than the destination. For now, I’m just really enjoying the path I’m on, supporting artists and sharing some really great work to anyone that wants to enjoy it.

Tell me about a few of your favourite things.
Music festivals, exploring new places, running, cooking, drawing…

What is your favourite…

The Matrix

Gahh! So hard to pick one. Cloud Atlas, Lord of the Rings, or Shantaram. Oh and all books by Malcolm Gladwell.

TED or Kickstarter.

Urban Outfitters. And, locally in Manchester, everyone must check out this fab place called The Richard Goodall Gallery selling music, film posters and other arty stuff.

Sounds a bit glamorous, but my favourite place is Nepal. Such a beautiful country.

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