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Some thoughts on the ending of How I Met Your Mother – spoiler alert!

I have seen every episode of How I Met Your Mother but they weren’t all in order. I think I first started watching when Marshall and Lily were broken up…? I forget. Anyhoo, last night the series came to an end in the UK and if you have strong feelings about how it all turned out too, get involved in the chat! Here are my immediate thoughts:

The show has been making me cry for weeks now – the biggie was Marshall’s speech to Lily a few weeks ago.

There were tears on four occasions last night. The first (and biggest) one was Barney’s speech to his daughter…

… The second was when Marshall talks to the kids about the times that have happened in the bar. The third was when Ted talks about the mum getting sick – even though it was hinted at a few episodes ago when they talk about mums missing their daughters’ weddings. And even though I had the ending spoiled for me (courtesy of Twitter assholes) mere hours after it screened in the States, it choked me a bit. And the fourth was with the blue tuba. Like I said, I had the ending spoiled and although it was still kinda sweet I kept hoping it wasn’t true that he ended up with Robin. The final season was short on laughs and incredibly drawn out but I really warmed to the mother and was rooting for her. As much as I liked Robin, I thought her and Ted were rubbish together. They always wanted completely different things and it seemed a bit sidebar-ish for him to meet and fall for someone else, get married and have kids like he always wanted and then end up back with Robin. The mother was meant to be this epic love of his life and the flashforwards were so sweet at developing this but then he just ends up with Robin! And how rushed was that ending? She gets sick, six years pass and he’s suddenly asking his kids for permission to be with someone else who they magically love? Pfft. Not a fan. Not at all. I can’t wait for this alternate ending but I ain’t forking out for the boxset to see it.

how i met your mother
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Speaking of alternate endings, can we throw in one for Robin and Barney? I was so chuffed the first time we saw them in that room with the baby. I thought ‘yay, they made it a few years so they must live happily ever after. She can’t end up with Ted’. Then bam! Next time we flashforward there they get a divorce?! No! This relationship changed both characters for the better – Barney was monogamous and happy, Robin let someone else in, yet they didn’t become one of those couples who get boring when they settle down. As soon as Robin’s career comes first it all goes to hell? That’s not the Barney we came to know and love! But how fecking cute was that scene with his daughter?! They could easily have had something similar with the same emotional impact. Like he and Robin decide to adopt and she’s worried that he won’t be able to love the kid like his own. Then they get a child and voila – enter cute scene here!

how i met your mother
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At least everything worked out great for Marshall and Lily. They were my real favourites anyway!

How about you? Were you always willing Ted and Robin to have a happy ever after? Did you ever like her with Barney? Who was your favourite couple?

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on the ending of How I Met Your Mother – spoiler alert!”

  1. I completely felt the same way as you when the finale aired. But even though I much preferred the mother to Robin by the end, I was determined to make peace with how it ended, because I couldn’t possibly hate the ending of my favorite show. So after a couple months of thinking and re-watching, I found new meaning in a lot of the finale. I wrote a fairly lengthy piece about it all here – – and I shared it with the creator of the show, Craig Thomas, and with lead actor Josh Radnor. Both of them gave me positive reviews, despite my expressed dislike for the ending. I would suggest giving it a read, as I think it might cause you to see everything a little differently.

    1. Great post! This is the bit that really stuck with me

      “And then on another note, if that was the main message, was it telling us that the mother wasn’t really “the one” for Ted?”

      The kids even point out that he spent a lot of time talking about Robin and not a lot about his time with their mum. They had at least ten years together.

      Then I got to your point about Max and realised you’re right! I just can’t help feeling like the mother was a stop-gap for Ted so he could have kids and then pick back up with Robin.

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