Goodbye 2014, hello 2015!

Although I’m not in the habit of setting myself resolutions as such, this year I did have a think about a few things I’d like to achieve:

1. Learn to sew
Despite getting an amazing sewing box full of goodies last Christmas, I haven’t really done anything other than sew up the boyfriend’s trousers! I did buy a book and magazine full of fun projects though. It’s the thought that counts, right?

sewing box

2. Grow my own
I stocked up on plants over the summer but I neglected to water regularly and a few things died off…

3. Write more
I might not have touched the screenplay all year and posts have died off a bit while I’ve been working on growing a little person but pre-September I was blogging regularly and loving it. I’m hoping to pick this up more in the new year. I also worked on building the blog’s following (which has been pretty consistent even with less posts lately, which I guess means the SEO is pretty good) and have branded up my social media accounts with the new header, designed by the lovely boyfriend. Hopefully this will put me in a good position for 2015.

4. Take a break
This was probably my favourite summer ever. Myself and the boyfriend went and had loads of touristy days out and some of my favourite days have just been wandering around St Ives on his birthday and walking down to Gwithian with the dog. We’ve also been to Bristol twice this year, with day trips to Cardiff and Bath. Although we haven’t been anywhere international, I definitely feel better travelled this year.

st ives, cornwall

5. See more films
The other day I got to thinking about upcoming films that I want to see and I realised I don’t even know what’s coming out anymore! There was a time where I read countless film mags, sites and blogs. I could tell you what the favourites were at Sundance, who won at Cannes and who the likely awards contenders are. Now I haven’t got a clue! When I’m on maternity leave I’m gonna try and catch up on some of the indie flicks I’ve missed.

Next year is probably going to be the most memorable of my life – I’m going to be a mummy! So rather than setting goals, I just hope that the next five months are as comfortable and safe as possible, that giving birth is as pleasant as such a terrifying thing can be and that the little ‘un is happy and healthy.

dating scan

Happy 2015!

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