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Follow Friday #2

As a blogger one of my worst habits is not making enough time to read other people’s posts. As such, I’m not as caught up with Bloglovin as I’d like to be, so expect more recommendations next week. Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:

How to piss off someone from Cornwall – Matador Network

34 lovely bits under £10 that’ll jazz up your flat – Cosmopolitan
11 clever storage solutions for teeny tiny spaces – Cosmopolitan
#NoFearGoSmear: My Smear Test Experience – Oh! Leona
1990 – Swedish Blue
My period may hurt: but not talking about menstruation hurts more – The Guardian
I Know Nothing About Politics. No One Else Like Me Knows Much About It Either – This & That

Baby stuff
20 things nobody tells you about giving birth – Cosmopolitan
Your hospital bag packing list – Baby Centre

Film & TV
All the reasons why Phoebe was hands down the best character on Friends – Hello Giggles
Should critics see films more than once? – The Guardian

How to make a blogging planner – Uncia & Tigris
How to Create Super Share-Worthy Blog Posts (and a template of what they should include) – By Regina

Carrot cake – The English Mademoiselle Diaries

New favourite blogs
Carrie Brighton
Swedish Blue

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