The best of the Yumi sale

I love Yumi! The last couple of times I’ve been in St Ives I’ve walked straight past the store – there’s no point looking at pretty fitted dresses I can’t fit in, right? But the sale! Oh my gosh, it’s totally worth getting some of those and holding onto them for the best part of a year. They’ve event got the dress I’ve been lusting after for months! Check out these prices…

draped dress from yumi
Deliciously draped dress, was £48.00, now £14.40

lace dress from yumi
Floral lace dress, was £34.00, now £23.80

daisy skirt from yumi
Dipsy daisy skirt, was £40.00, now £16.00

owl dress from yumi
Owl and bow pleat dress, was £45.00, now £18.00

spot print cardigan from yumi
Spot print cardigan, was £45.00, now £31.50

deer scarf from yumi
Deer print scarf, was £14.99, now £6.00

butterfly jumper from yumi
Butterfly embroidered jumper, was £48.00, now £24.00

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