50 things that make me happy

Here’s another post that’s been floating around the blogosphere of late. Some of my favourite posts by other bloggers are simple ones where they share a little snapshot of their lives rather than review the latest perfume or collaborate with another brand. If you want to get in on the action, leave me a link in the comments.

I first saw this post on Life Unexpected. Check out Chloe’s post here.

So, in no particular order, here are 50 things that make me happy

1. Family and friends – to name them individually would be a list in itself
2. Not having to set the alarm when I go to bed
3. Clean sheets – they smell so good and are always properly tucked in!
4. Using a freshly sharpened pencil
5. Starting a new notebook
6. New episodes of my favourite shows. I saw the season finale of The Flash last night and I was almost physically pained knowing that I have to wait months for something new
7. Walking barefoot (on sand or grass)

sandy beach

8. Not burning dinner!
9. Puppy cuddles
10. Cuddles in general
11. The smell of the sea

st ives, cornwall

12. The first Jelberts of the summer

jelberts ice cream, cornwall

13. Seeing St Michael’s Mount come into view when I’ve been away for a while

st michaels mount

14. Spending an entire day with Luke. Until I went on maternity leave we only got to spend one day together a fortnight because of our varying work schedules. Sad face
15. Peeling the lid off a yoghurt and having the bubble underneath remain intact
16. Getting the dead centre seat at the cinema and not having a rude, lanky bugger sit in front of me
17. Fun post (anything that’s not a bill!)
18. The perfect cup of tea
19. A lazy morning with croissants for breakfast
20. Cake
21. Cocktails – even a perfect virgin mojito


22. Back/shoulder rubs
23. Going to see the Mousehole lights at Christmas

mousehole christmas lights

24. Feeling the baby move in my belly

25. The look on Luke’s face when he feels our baby move
26. Watching my nephew playing/laughing
27. BBQs
28. Summer evenings in a beer garden
29. Seeing a new flower bloom and knowing there’s at least one I haven’t killed!
30. Cider
31. Cornish cream tea

cream tea from The View cafe, St Mawes

32. Good manners
33. Looking at the bunny rabbits at Pets at Home
34. Catching up with old friends – some I don’t see for months or even years at a time
35. Wandering around the baby sections in various shops. Even though we don’t need anything for a while I can’t help looking and swooning
36. Cracking open a new book
37. Walking around Waterstones or HMV – I have to browse everything to make sure I don’t miss anything
38. 90s music
39. Eating out – no cooking or cleaning up after!
40. The satisfaction of seeing the house all clean and tidy – not that I do much tidying. It’s a rare feeling!
41. Having my hair done – it’s all about the head massage
42. Pretty things
43. New Next catalogues
44. The #lbloggers chat
45. A Longboat/Lugger carvary
46. A photo-worthy sunset or rainbow
47. The smell of summer rain
48. Sales
49. Realising I have enough points to pay with my Boots Advantage Card
50. Feeding the baby goats at Paradise Park

Paradise Park, Cornwall

What makes you happy?

5 thoughts on “50 things that make me happy”

    1. Paradise Park is mainly a bird place and I have a bird phobia so I mainly go to hang out in the cute petting zoo. The baby goats are my favourites :)

      1. They’re buggers down here too. I normally get people to chase them for me. Walking around St Ives with an ice cream is terrifying. I usually hide somewhere they can’t get me and wolf it down!

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