30 before 30 update: age 28

Yesterday I turned the ripe old age of 28 (so much closer to 30 than 25!) so we’re due another 30 before 30 update.

Last year I wrote my 30 before 30 list, and extended bucket list, detailing some (mostly realistic) things I’d like to achieve. There were some traditional items I’d already ticked off, such as fall in love, ride a limo, leave the country, etc, so they didn’t need to take up any vital list space, but some that have made the list require a bit more dollah than I’m likely to have any time soon, like go on holiday outside of the UK and stay in a posh hotel. And the really expensive/dreamy items went on the bucket list, with no time restraints, including a lot of travelling. I also left myself some space to add some more bucket list items, so here’s a full update.

me and Baby Jenson

The 30 Before 30 List

1. Have a baby
2. Get a puppy
3. Move into the house I plan to settle down/raise a family in (edit: Jenson was born while we have been living in this house but we’re not likely to stick it out for more than another couple of years)
4. Make a regular income from my writing
5. Have job security
6. Clear all non-student loan related debts
7. Have something published in at least one of the following: Little White Lies, Glamour, Company, Cosmopolitan, The Simple Things, Vanity Fair (edit: man, print really is dying, isn’t it! I don’t even subscribe to any of these anymore!)
8. Complete my first feature-length screenplay (edit: I was in the research stage at the time of writing my 30 before 30 list and haven’t progressed at all!)
9. Go on holiday outside of the UK
10. Go camping (edit: fingers crossed for next summer!)
11. Learn to sew (edit: I can sew buttons back on and sorta fix Luke’s trousers…)
12. Grow my own food and eat it (edit: I’ve managed it with herbs…)
13. Learn to surf
14. Learn to play the ukelele
15. Learn basis coding (edit: I did a course at work when I was pregnant. I made awesome notes at the time but haven’t actually put it into practice yet)
16. See Wicked
17. Watch the sun set and rise (preferably within 12 hours, on the beach, with the boyfriend)
18. Build a Bear
29. Build a fort and spend the day in it (edit: with my boys)
20. Go to a drive-in movie
21. Do something nice for a stranger (edit: regularly – done once so far, that I can recall)
22. Go kayaking somewhere beautiful
23. Go on a boat trip and see seals, dolphins and such

National Cream Tea Day at The Alverton Hotel

24. Have afternoon tea/high tea (edit: did this in the Jane Austen Centre for my birthday last year but it was a bit naff. I did much better at The Alverton!)
25. Stay in a posh hotel with a four-poster bed and French windows which open out onto a balcony with a sea view
26. See It’s A Wonderful Life on the big screen at Christmas
27. Take a photo a day and create a photobook (edit: I’m sort of working on this. We’re doing one a year for the boy, noting his milestones, etc)
28. Take cheesey photos in a photobooth
29. Go on a star gazing date (this could kill three birds with one stone and incorporate camping and the sunset/sunrise entries)
30. Drink a cocktail out of a coconut with an umbrella (edit: I came close last summer by drinking a mocktail out of a pineapple)

The rest of the Bucket List

31. Get married (edit: not a deal breaker but I’d like the same last name as my son)
32. Be entirely self-employed
33. Go ice skating in Central Park (have managed a small rink in Plymouth)
34. Visit Times Square
35. Spend at least a month travelling on the EuroRail, stopping off wherever takes my fancy (can you tell I never had a Gap Yaaahh?)
36. Go to the airport and buy the next available ticket
37. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
38. Master Adobe (edit: can hopefully do this when I go back to work)
39. Have a white Christmas
40. Become an aunt
41. Go skinny dipping
42. Have lunch outside in a cafe in Paris
43. Have a garden with a treehouse and tyre swing
44. Have a beach house (or stay in one for a week might be more realistic…)
45. Fly somewhere (this could be easy to tick off with a short helicopter trip)
46. See proper snow (not just the token inch or two we get in Cornwall)

New additions

47. Feel comfortable with my body (again)
48. Kick my blog up a gear (self-hosted, register a .com, etc)

Do you have a 30 before 30/bucket list? How achievable are your items and how many have you ticked off since you started it?

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