New Look summer wish list

Nearly a year after having a baby, one of the hardest things is still dressing comfortably. I’m having to get used to my body being a completely different shape and I hate wearing anything tight-fitting – or tops that finish above my waistline. I’m on the lookout for long tops, midi skirts, long shorts and skater dresses and New Look have just what I’m after! I’m going to have to get a couple of things a month and build up my wardrobe for the warmer weather. It’s waaay too hot for jeans and boots now!

new look summer wish list

Blue swing vest, £9.99
Aztec t-shirt, £9.99
High neck vest, £6.99
3/4 sleeve top, £12.99
Cropped leggings, £5.99
Skater dress, £28.00
Heart print midi skirt, £14.99
Floral midi skater skirt, £24.99
Midi skater skirt, £24.99
Black sandals, £24.99
Black pumps, £9.99
Lace espadrilles, £10.99
Purple plimsolls, £12.99
Denim shorts, £17.99

What features in your staple summer wardrobe?

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