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Exploring Cornwall: The Mexico Inn, Longrock

On Saturday we had our first date night in god knows how long (we saw an afternoon film on 13 June for Luke’s birthday and before that I think it was to see Civil War in the evening…?) and it was awesome. My mum and aunt came over to watch Jenson while we headed out to our local, The Mexico Inn (Longrock, Penzance), to sample their new summer menu*.

the mexico inn

We went crazy and ordered a cider each while we perused the menu, which includes mussels, chowder, fish and chips, brisket burger and hake. Luke went for the pork belly and I had the chicken, mushroom and bacon pie. I’m glad I didn’t have a starter because the pie was huge – and it’s always important to save room for dessert!

the mexico inn

I had a taste of Luke’s pork belly and it was pretty incredible (he agreed) and there was more food than we expected. I couldn’t believe the size of my individual pie and the side veggies were yummy. I’m not normally one for cabbage and beans but I actually cleared my plate. Minted potatoes are a new favourite of mine – definitely going to have to try this at home.

the mexico inn

Even though I was pretty stuffed, I convinced myself that I have a separate dessert belly and could manage another course. The dessert menu is pretty epic and includes a summer fruit pastry, homemade truffles and a chocolate and caramel pudding with poached blackcurrants. I nearly went for the chocolate option, as I usually do, but when I’m already feeling full but fancy something sweet, I tend to find chocolate too sickly, so went with the gooseberry parfait. Yummers! The Cornish faring biscuits on the side were great too – gotta love all the Cornish ingredients!

the mexico inn

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences at The Mexico Inn. The service is always with a smile and you’re never left waiting too long between courses. We went for a Sunday roast a few months back after a rare night out and I managed three epic courses despite my mini hangover – no mean feat! And their Chippy Tuesday is great – plus they’re doing it to take away at lunchtime over the summer, so if you’re heading to Longrock beach on a Tuesday afternoon, be sure to stop by. The team have also recently introduced a Saturday morning breakfast which I’m yet to try but sounds awesome. You can’t fault their menu options (unless you’re Luke – he likes a simple chocolate cake with no fruit!) as they’re great at catering to all tastes, with breakfast including granola, halloumi, cheddar rarebit and a typical English/Cornish breakfast. Go check ’em out!

*We ate for free in return for an honest review on the blog. All opinions are our own.

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