Sunday Snapshot #52

September is here and, even a few years after graduating, it still feels like the start of a new year. I’ve tried something different with the monthly title page in my bullet journal, which I shared on Instagram earlier this week, and I thought I’d shared a little explanation:

Swimming: Jenson goes back to swimming lessons this month and I hope he hasn’t lost his confidence in the water. He’d come so far in the last two terms
Eating: Luke does 99% of the cooking these days and it’s always amazing! He’s a lot more adventurous in the kitchen than I am
Penzance: Born and bred!
Twitter: I’m hoping to check in to more Twitter chats and build relationships with other bloggers
Entertaining: This is Jenson’s job!
Moving house: Pretty self-explanatory!
Blogging: Always
Educate: I’m holding a couple of mini marketing workshops at work in September so that should be fun
Reading: That’s what the commute is for! Hopefully I’ll find my copy of Reasons to Stay Alive when we move. I really want to cross it off my list

september 2016 bullet journal

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