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Exploring Cornwall: The Vault, Penzance

I’ve mentioned my mums’ nights out in my Friday Favourites posts but I want to dedicate a whole post to the fabulous venue: The Vault in Penzance.

peach margarita at the vault

I suggested it for the first time we all went out together as they were offering £2 off cocktails from 5-7pm and they do three for £10 on bar food – bargain!

mums night out

It had been a while since I’d been there and the first time I’d been there in the evening, as I usually pop in around lunchtime – often for a burger/steak baguette or the usual coffee and cake (and maybe some cheeky pre-baby cocktails!). I was surprised when we rocked up a couple of months ago because it was the first time I’d seen their wall art outside. How awesome is this pop art mural of Twiggy? I’m also loving the Alice in Wonderland murals. They make for great selfie backdrops.

Twiggy mural at The Vault

Alice in Wonderland mural at The Vault

Alice in Wonderland mural at The Vault

I opted for prosecco-filled cocktails and ordered two at a time to save going up to the bar so many times – oops! They’re super-tasty. The bar food was good too and getting three to yourself is the equivalent to a meal out – and not bad for a tenner. I went for the chilli nachos, mozzarella dippers and fish cakes. Yummers!

chilli nachos at The Vault

mozzarella dippers at The Vault

fish cakes at The Vault

A couple of weeks later we saw their Thursday Nacho Night advertised on Facebook and decided to head back for our next mums’ night out but when we went back the other day I was a bit disappointed. The cocktail offer was only on Fridays and their nachos weren’t on offer – it was just the usual menu. So the night cost a bit more than I planned. It was still a good night though and I discovered a new favourite cocktail – peach margarita. The nachos were great too – I loved their chilli jam.

nachos at the vault

Here’s to the next night out.

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