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Saturday Share #65

I have been inspired by so many blog posts this week. I hope you find something new and interesting amongst the following list, including Cornwall loving, yummy recipes, drooling over Jo-Go and learning how not to be an asshole on the internet!

saturday share_blue

Anna is fast becoming one of my favourite bloggers. I love her list of places to eat in Truro

I love reading Cornwall posts from non-Cornish bloggers and particularly liked reading about Sophie’s trip to St Ives

So many people are complete assholes on the internet and I genuinely believe that Marica’s post is something everyone should read. Post of the week!

I didn’t know Moonpig had so many awesome gift ideas. Definitely gonna bear that in mind for Christmas! And all the family birthdays around Christmas…

As someone who has tried a couple of diets and decided they’re not for me, I could totally relate to Eleanor May’s post on being a diet industry drop out

Want to create a hidden Pinterest image in a blog post? Dana shows you how

Film & TV
Let’s just take a minute to appreciate just how lovely Joseph Gordon-Levitt still is

Make it
Thanks to The Great British Bake Off, we have chocolate biscuits from Lisa and blackcurrant and mascarpone viennese whirls from Kat

Have you discovered any new blogs this week?

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