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When will high street stores start catering to the average UK woman?

See this awesome range of Wonder Woman clothes from Zara? Pretty epic, right? It made me go from giddy to gutted in a matter of seconds last week when I realised that high street stores were finally catering to broader fashion interests – but not broader sizes.

wonder woman zara range

The average woman in the UK is a size 16 and while most stores stock these sizes, the styles aren’t necessarily what these women are looking for. Not this woman anyway.

I’m still a good stone heavier than I was when I got pregnant and am wearing size 16 clothes. I feel a constant need to hide my mum tum and dressing in the summer was hard – I lived in midi skirts and dresses or knee-length shorts with long, loose fitted tops. Autumn/winter is perfect for me – plenty of jeans and baggy sweaters. Or so I thought.

Last winter, struggling for the first time with my post-baby body, I searched the stores for suitable tops. Something that actually ended below the waistband of my jeans, covering that all too prominent bulge. And you know where I found what I was looking for? In the men’s department! Apparently it’s not fashionable for women to be warm or cover up.

I’ve had the same problem looking for a wardrobe update this year. It’s virtually impossible to find a decent winter coat, a thick jumper and jeans that aren’t super skinny. In fact, having popped into my local New Look store on several occasions, the only jeans I’ve found have been skinny, super skinny or jeggings. Not good for a larger girl who wants to be warm and comfortable.

Browse high street stores (or their online alternatives) and you’ll inevitably come across thin ‘sweaters’ which fall on the waistband of your jeans. Or a coat that doesn’t even cover your ass properly. And don’t get me started on these so-called ‘mom jeans‘. Are these the only alternative? The fuck?!

high street winter fashion

New Look above left, Dorothy Perkins above centre, Yumi above right

Sometimes stores get it right – or try to. New Look have finally started stocking some over-sized turtlenecks, but they’re excessively baggy, plain and not particularly appealing. What’s it gonna take for someone to create something that we larger women actually wanna get hold of?

As I mentioned briefly at the start of this post, last week Zara launched an awesome new line of Wonder Woman clothing. Perfect, I thought. A high street store embracing nerdiness. Something I can get on board with – and Christmas list-friendly too! The epic jeans are £39.99, there’s an awesome sweatshirt for £29.99 and an incredible (although out of my price range and fashion comfort zone) jacket. And you know what they size they stop at? A 14! 14!!! Never have I been more pissed off to be be carrying this extra stone of baby weight. And it’s not like it’s a style that’s not suitable for a larger lady. The jeans are perfect – not low rise, straight leg – and what woman wouldn’t want a Wonder Woman sweatshirt? What’s going on, Zara?!

45% of British women are a size 16 or bigger. Isn’t it time that high street stores started catering to the other half of its shoppers?!

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