My 2016 Christmas bucket list

I love using my bullet journal to track reminders of what I want to do each season. It’s disappointing when I don’t tick everything off but it’s good to remember the little things. Christmas is about so much more than just one day and there is loads I can do with Jenson now he’s that bit older.

christmas bucket list

1. I’ve never been to the Eden Project at Christmas and I really want to go this year. It’s another one of those things that’s difficult to do with a toddler and without a car but I reckon we can do it – and hopefully go ice skating too!

2. Jenson’s attention span keeps growing and I hope we can watch loads of Christmas films together this year.

3. I put together a Christmas Eve box for Jenson last year and want to make it a regular thing. I’ve already picked up a couple of things.

jensons christmas eve box 2015

4. With different friendship groups and families, it’s hard to spend time with everyone over Christmas (especially if it involves eating out all the time) but I’m hoping to check in with everyone over the festive period – even if it’s just for a brew!

me christmas 2010

5. I really want to see real reindeer somewhere. If Trevaskis Farm and Paradise Park are anything to go by, Jenson’ll love it too!

6. I’d love Jenson to be able to get together with all of his little friends. The Soft Play is holding a couple of Christmas parties so hopefully we can all catch up then.

7. As Jenson gets older I still can’t believe we don’t have a single photo of the three of us together! I hoped we’d get one on his first birthday but I’m making it my mission to get one (that I like!) by the end of the year.

8. We went to the Craft Box last year to make some presents for family (more on that in a post coming soon) and I want to go for some more Christmas crafty fun in the next few weeks.

jenson craft box penzance

9. I’m really excited to take Jenson to see the Mousehole Lights for the first time. We didn’t go last year because we didn’t think he’d appreciate it but I reckon he’ll love it now.

mousehole christmas lights

10. This one will probably be ticked off during one or of the previous nine activities but I want to go to a proper Santa’s grotto, with a real-looking Santa; not a naff one with a fake beard. Fingers crossed!

Am I missing anything big? What are your essential Christmas activities?

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