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Saturday Share #73

In the wake of the Presidential Election, the blogosphere has been filled with posts on solidarity, feminism and feel-good quotes. Here’s a look at what I’ve loved reading this week.

saturday share_blue

Molly’s post on the trouble with toddlers is my favourite read of the week!

I loved Hayley’s post on her fave indie movies. It reminded me that I really need to watch Ghost World!

It’s so important to take care of your mental health, especially in the winter, and Hannah’s post on loving autumn when your mental health doesn’t was spot on.

When it comes to must-visit places, Singapore never really ranked all that highly on my list – until I read this post on A Lady in London. Granada looks pretty epic too.

You know how sometimes you read a post and you’re like ‘yes, I totally relate to all of that!’? That’s how I felt when I read Katie’s post on problems with wearing glasses. The worst for me is going to the hairdressers to have my hair cut and coloured. It takes a good couple of hours and in that time I can’t wear my glasses. And when they give me a magazine to read while the colour sets I get the worst eye strain/headaches! Sad times…

Think of those children less fortunate this Christmas and pack them a little festive shoebox.

If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen making some of Cathry’s epic salted caramel filo parcels

What have you loved reading this week?

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