The A-Z of me

A couple of months ago I read and loved Patti’s A-Z of me post and was inspired to write my own. It took me a while to come back to it but here it is. I’m not all that fascinating but it was fun to write!

me christmas 2010

A is for animals. Specifically cute baby animals but I’m generally a sucker for anything cute and fluffy. Jenson seems to like animals too and isn’t particularly intimidated by anything bigger than him.

paradise park

B is for books. I’ve always been a massive bookworm and my habit of buying instead of borrowing means we have quite the collection. I always dreamed of having a library like the one The Beast gives Belle, complete with ladders. One day…

Christmas 2016_books

C is for coffee. I tend to have three cups a day, four if I’m struggling. I’ve been known to walk into work after a rough night with Jenson, declaring it’s a four cups day. Fair warning and all that!

the craft box penzance

D is for dog. An extension of ‘a’, I bleddy love dogs. I had a border collie growing up and I’d love Jenson to grow up with a dog in the house. We want to wait til he’s a bit older and we can’t have pets in our current house, so it’ll be a while yet. He loves my dad’s red setter though, which bodes well, and loves seeing dogs when we’re out and about. He always barks at them!

Bluebell Dell, Penzance, Cornwall

E is for erasable pens. I discovered these last year and oh my gosh they’re the best invention! I hate crossing things out in my diary and they help keep things nice and tidy. Plus you can get them in different colours!

erasable pens

F is for feminist. I grew up going to watch the football with my dad on a Saturday afternoon and I’d always criticise the men’s ‘banter’ – to the point where they started calling me Emmeline Pankhurst. I can’t believe it’s 2017 and we still need to call people out on everyday sexism.

feminist books

G is for geek. The terms geek, nerd and dork are often confused and, while you could use any of those terms to define me, I relate most to ‘geek’: “a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast”.

my pop vinyls

H is for home. It’s where the heart is, so they say. After living in the same place with my parents for 16 years, I’ve lived in five with Luke in the last six!

new home flowers

I is for Instagram. I’m a bit of a social media geek and Instagram is currently my favourite platform, despite the guys fucking around with the algorithm. My engagement is growing slowly but it’s just such a fun and inspiring way to engage with the wider blogosphere.

emslf instagram

J is for Jenson. My baby, my favourite person, my reason for being.

me and Baby Jenson

K is for kawaii. I’m a sucker for anything kawaii, especially when it comes to stationery and accessories.

japan stationery haul

L is for Luke. My second favourite person and my Baby Daddy. There’s a little post on him here.

me and luke

M is for magazines. I’ve always loved magazines. When I was primary school age and got my pocket money I was straight in the shop on the way home from school to get a magazine and sweets. I used to subscribe to half a dozen magazines but I don’t get so much time (or disposable money) for them these days. I still want to be a regular writer for magazines though and love that there are so many niche publications.

blogging magazines

N is for Netflix. Without this I wouldn’t have seen Daredevil or Jessica Jones, would never have heard of Ali Wong or Jen Kirkman and I would never have given Gilmore Girls a chance.

gilmore girls on netflix

O is for oops. It’s probably my most used word. I’m incredibly clumsy.

P is for Paris. I really want to go. We want to take Jenson to Disneyland when he’s older but hopefully we can manage a long weekend in Paris beforehand.

Q is for quotes. I’m a sucker for inspirational quotes and the wall my desk sits against is covered.

creativity quote

R is for roller coasters. I hate them. I’m not great with heights and I especially hate going fast or upside down; although I did go to Thorpe Park when in was at uni and went on every ride except one. I shut my eyes the whole time mind and I wouldn’t do it again now.

S is for stationery. To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. I have boxes full of unused stationery because I keep buying pretty things and waiting for a special occasion to use it. Yep. Geek. Bring on National Stationery Week 2017!

Christmas 2016_stationery

T is for travel. I’ve never been anywhere! Outside of the UK I’ve only been to Amsterdam for a school history trip. I haven’t even left Cornwall in over a year. There are plenty of places I’d like to visit but when I was younger studying was always a priority and now Jenson is my main priority. We’ll be better off financially in a few years so hopefully when Jenson is school age we can manage a nice holiday once a year.

U is for university. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had a long and complicated relationship with university. I went to Winchester because it was the only place that offered Film Studies and Journalism combined honours. I decided to move back to Cornwall at the start of my second year but didn’t want to abandon my studies. I ended up doing a Foundation Degree in Newspaper and Magazine Journalism and topping it up to a BA in Writing for the Media. After a year of working in retail, a work experience placement and an internship, I did a PGCE and spent the year teaching A Level Media Studies. Although I don’t teach now, I am working at a students’ union, so I have spent nine of the last ten years in a university environment.

V is for (Queen) Victoria. Since seeing Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria, I have been fascinated by Queen Victoria, particularly the early years, with her unexpected rise to power and her relationship with Albert. It’s so heartbreaking that she spent the rest of her life mourning him. After avoiding the first few weeks of the ITV drama because I didn’t think anyone else could do her justice, I ended up loving Jenna Coleman’s portrayal too and I’m interested to see the next season and learn more.

W is for writing. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was about eight or nine. I loved writing stories at school and would be encouraged to write when I finished my work before anyone else. Yep. Geek again! As I’ve grown older I’ve become less of a creative writer and prefer to write my jumbled thoughts. I’m not a great speaker (I talk quickly and am not very articulate) but given the time to sit and write something I like to think I’m actually pretty good with the words.

my bullet journal

X is for x-rays. I’ve had a fair few in my time but haven’t technically broken any bones – just chipped (my finger playing netball) and fractured (my ankle playing football).

Y is for Young Adult books. I’m not even going to call these guilty pleasures because you shouldn’t be embarrassed about reading books for a younger audience. I even re-read The Twits recently and got more Roald Dahl books for Christmas. John Green and Holly Bourne are my favourite young adult writers.

John Green books

Z is for Zebra pens. My favourite (non-erasable) pen to write with, you can get packs in Poundland – bargain! Even the coloured ones.

zebra pens

I’m incredibly nosey, so if you’ve written you’re own A-Z, do link it up below :)

4 thoughts on “The A-Z of me”

  1. I loved reading this! It’s such a fun post to do and such a good way to let people know more about you! Thanks for mentioning my post as well! :)

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