How do you define yourself?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I define myself and how other people see me. It’s crazy how your sense of identity changes when you become a parent. You have little time for hobbies you used to be passionate about, you’re tied to someone else’s routine and you get a new name. Hell, even Adele admitted that she lost part of herself when she became a mum. And if Adele feels a bit lost sometimes, you can hardly blame the rest of us.

Have you thought about the way people are introduced on games shows? If I went on Pointless, I’d be all “Hi. I’m Emma and I’m a Marketing Coordinator from Cornwall!” Or, if I went on The Voice, (shock, horror!), it’d be “I’m Emma, I’m 29 and I’m from Cornwall”. Who decided that our age, where we’re from and our jobs are what define us? What if I was a child genius who graduated early in biochemistry but fell on hard times and ended up doing a stint in Macdonalds. Would it be fair that those were my defining characteristics? No. Just as it’s unfair that two years ago I was labelled by 99% of health professionals as a ‘first-time mum’ and that was all they felt they needed to know about me.

I was inspired by a post Alice wrote last year called I’m a… which focuses on the different ways she defines herself. It got me thinking – who am I?

First of all, I’m a mother. Yep, I’ve just argued about how that’s an unfair primary label but, right now, all of my waking hours are dedicated to ensuring that Jenson is happy and healthy. And, not gonna lie, it’s the best job in the world.

jenson reviews macmillan campbell books

But it doesn’t pay the bills! I am also a Design and Marketing Coordinator. And I love my job! I’ve been working in marketing in one way or another for about six years but it’s not what I thought I’d build a career in.

How many twenty-somethings do you know who are working in the area they paid thousands of pounds to study? Long story short, I’m a Journalism graduate. Sure, there are lots of areas that lend themselves to marketing but when I applied to university I planned on working as a film journalist upon graduation. That bubble soon burst. And, funnily enough, I’m no longer the massive film buff I once was. Long gone is the girl who stayed up all night to watch the Oscars live. This year I didn’t even realise the BAFTAs were on until the morning after.


I’m also a blogger. Well, duh, you’re reading this after all. But did you know I’ve been blogging for over a decade? I started with a LiveJournal account(!) when I was in college, started a film blog for an assignment for my degree and started this lifestyle blog nearly five years ago. And I bleddy love it. I love writing for me. I love the opportunities. I love the community. I love the comments. It’s bleddy lovely.

the ultimate blog planner from dot creates

So I guess that makes me a writer. Dare I say Writer? Writing doesn’t technically pay my bills but it is probably my greatest passion. I’ve not been much of a creative writer since primary school but have always enjoyed the act of writing. I even loved writing my dissertation! It was about women directors and the Academy Awards. Who wouldn’t be inspired by that?!

I’m a feminist. I guess the dissertation topic was a bit of a clue. That and my recent outpouring of love for Holly Bourne’s novels. I know it’s quite naive and idealistic of me but I genuinely don’t understand how, in this day and age, anyone (male or female) can not call themself a feminist.

whats a girl gotta do by holly bourne

I’m a geek. Ain’t it funny how your perception/acceptance of labels can change over time? It was ‘so not cool’ to be a geek when I was first branded as such. But now? It’s hip to be square. But don’t take it too far. I mean, you can wear the big glasses and button your shirt all the way up. You can go and see the latest comic book blockbuster with your boyfriend but don’t go reading the actual comic books. Don’t go playing computer games or, dare I say it, tabletop games. That’s so geeky it swings right back round to uncool again. Damn hipsters.

29th birthday - alias volume and spider gwen bobble pop vinyl

I’m a bookworm. The nine months I was on maternity leave I think I read one book. One! I usually average one a week. I’ve been losing myself in imaginary worlds for over 20 years. I blitzed through all the required reading at school by the time I was seven and was reading to myself by the age of eight. I was the kid who would go to the public library and take out the maximum allowance of books. I would stay up late reading past my bedtime. I could never get enough.

Christmas 2016_books

I’m a Cornish maid. We’re very proud of our heritage here in Cornwall. I often wonder if Jenson will have a Cornish accent. Mine is quite mild (Luke would probably argue differently) but Luke talks very ‘properly’, so we’ll see. Jenson will certainly pick up the laid-back, ‘do it dreckly’ attitude.

cornish flag

Now I just need to try and put that into a new social media bio ready for the blog relaunch!

How do you define yourself?

My giveaway has now closed but, as I’m still working on my redesign for another week or two, any comments posted on my reader survey are still appreciated. You can find the link to the Google Form here!

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