What I’ve been reading lately #6

Whether you’re looking to take a break and want a beautiful read or if you’re looking for some creative/blogging inspo, you can’t go wrong with any of these incredible titles. Here’s a look at some magazines. zines and newspapers I’ve been loving lately. Long live print!

magazines, zines and newspapers I've been loving lately

The Happy News is something I genuinely think everyone should have in their life. It puts an instant smile on my face and is so beautifully designed, with cute little snippets to cut out and keep.  It literally is happy news, with articles on unsung heroes, recipes and acts of kindness. Perfect for that half hour self-care break with a brew and a biccie.

The Happy Newspaper

The Happy Newspaper

Breathe magazine is a publication I’ve mentioned before. It’s only four issues old but already a vital part of my reading habit. The artwork provides great inspo for my day job and I genuinely feel more relaxed just reading it. The latest issue includes features on the joy of dogs(!), power naps and calligraphy – very eclectic content.

Breathe magazine

Blogosphere really is an essential resource for bloggers, with the latest issue featuring articles on finance and coders. I blogged about it a few issues in and now they’re prepping issue 12! It’s incredible how far it has come and it really does keep getting bigger and better. They even make small-time bloggers like myself feel like part of the community by quoting us in their Twitter chat round-ups.

Blogosphere magazine

Flow is a stunner of a magazine. It’s pricier than your usual mag but worth every penny. I’ve only treated myself to the one issue so far but I plan on picking up more. My copy has lovely little daily reminders to pull out and keep. I love the attention to detail in these more creative mags.

Flow magazine

I picked up Positive News because Ms Marvel was on the cover and I loved the other content too. We need more good news stories! It’s a more traditional magazine version of The Happy News – less illustrative and with more in-depth articles, including politics, observations on society, women in comics(!) and positive birth stories.

Positive Newspaper

I subscribed to The Simple Things for a while but I cancelled it when I got poor and found the content less relatable than when I first started reading. Sometimes it comes across a bit too middle-class but there are some great features (including the ever-trendy hygge) – and recipes I always want to try.

Simple Things magazine

Mental Movement is an awesome zine that handles mental health problems in a positive and not at all patronising way. It’s educational, empowering and inspiring. Plus the Gemma Correll interview is aces.

Mental Movement

Mental Movement

What print publications can you always rely on to boost your creativity?

My giveaway has now closed but, as I’m still working on my redesign for another week or two, any comments posted on my reader survey are still appreciated. You can find the link to the Google Form here!

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