Some blogs I’ve recently followed #1

I’ve finally done it! Well, not all of it, but I’ve made a massive dent in the tweets I’ve favourited – I do this a lot during chats so I can check out the blogs at a later date. I’ve added a fair few to my Bloglovin feed and given them a follow on social media (I like to follow my fave blogs everywhere) and wanted to share some of my faves here. If you haven’t heard of them before do check them out.

another feminist killjoy

Just the name of this blog was enough to intrigue me and a quick read of Georgia’s bio made me realise that I’ve read all of her previous blogs. Another Feminist Killjoy is still new, having launched at the start of the year, but there’s already a load of great content, including posts on awesome female writers and badass feminist podcasts.

poppies in october

Poppies in October is one of those blogs where, the more I delve into the archives, the more I love the blogger. Plus, with a name inspired by the work of Sylvia Plath, I was bound to love it! Awesome posts you need to read include Gilmore Girls Gift Guide, Mental Disorders are Not Adjectives and Women Empowering Women.

sophie black

Age really is but a number when it comes to blogging. Sophie is nearly a whole decade younger than me but I still find her content relatable and inspiring. With posts including 7 things we should all aim to do more of, things to tell yourself when you’re struggling with self-confidence and it’s ok not to feel like a strong, sassy, independence woman all of the time, what’s not to love?


Location isn’t all that important when it comes to fave bloggers either. Sure, there are certain types of posts which may not be all that relatable, for example, if someone continually blogs about somewhere you’ve never been, but UNCREA is the perfect example of a blog written what feels like a million miles away but feels like it’s next door. Kay blogs from Indonesia but, as it’s a lifestyle blog, there is so much that young women can relate to the world over, including stop girl-on-girl hate, what makes YOU happy? and how to de-stress.

 jemmas simple life

I love Jemma’s blog because she has great taste in books (yes, we’ve blogged about similar titles!) and she blogs passionately about mental health. Fave posts include February book haul and positivity and self care tips.


Becky’s blog is another recent favourite as she covers some of my favourite topics: stationery and self-care. Her blogger problems series is also incredibly relatable.

I’m hoping to make this a monthly-ish post so I’ll be back with some more new favourites soon. Be sure to pop back for my Saturday Share post to find out what I’ve loved reading this week.

5 thoughts on “Some blogs I’ve recently followed #1”

  1. Thank you for reading my lil’ old blog! I’m so glad you find some of what I write relatable. I’ll definitely be checking out some of the other blogs you’ve mentioned here – since we obviously have a very similar taste (haha! I’m not too big for my boots don’t worry).

    Becky xo

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