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Friday Favourites #35

I’m writing this post on Thursday night, having already got Jenson in bed (his own bed!) and caught up on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Result! And there’s plenty more excitement where that came from.

1. Spring. It’s on the way, honest! It’s actually light when I get home from work (just) and my favourite tree has started blooming.

spring 2017

2. Eating better. I’m not dieting but I’m paying more attention to what I eat. I’m making more of a conscious effort to cut out the crap and not snack on rubbish at my desk. Life hack: salad tastes amazing when you add grapes! Whoddathunkit?

3. Danny the Champion of the World. I think this might be my new favourite Roald Dahl book. My mum got me a selection for Christmas and I’ve been re-reading them lately. I didn’t remember how dark some of them were and love how different Danny is. It’s a genuinely lovely story about the friendship between a boy and his dad. I found it truly heart-warming and love this quote.

danny the champion of the world

4. Chocolate for bookworms. My lovely friend sent me a belated Galentine’s Day present of Roald Dahl chocolate! There’s a whole range inspired by his books. Ain’t they beautiful?

roald dahl chocolate

5. Blogging opportunities. I’m really grateful for how far this little blog has come in the last few years and I’ve got some exciting collaborations coming up in the next couple of months. Following my review of Mental Movement I’ve been asked to work with them on their next issue and plans are underway for my favourite week of the year – National Stationery Week! All will be revealed soon.

blogging opportunities

I hope the week has treated you well, despite this bitch of a storm. Got a fun weekend planned? We’re off to a birthday party on Sunday – the first kid in our group is turning two! A lot of birthday cake will be eaten in the next three months!

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