Saturday Share #89

For International Women’s Day I blogged about the bloggers who inspire me but whenever I come to put this post together I find that I’m inspired by a dozen or so bloggers every week. Here’s to all the awesome and inspiring bloggers out there!

saturday share

Kirsty Leanne was mentioned in that post and she gets two posts linked up here because she’s that awesome! I’ve wanted to go to Disneyland for years and swooned over the photos from her recent trip. I also really loved her post on being kinder to yourself – advice we could all do with taking, I’m sure.

Reading blogs always makes me hungry and this week I’ve been tempted to try Charlotte’s mini cheese and courgette muffins for Jenson and Cathryn’s granola with rhubarb compote and yoghurt. I love rhubarb!

I’ve added a couple of new blogs to my Bloglovin feed this week – The Adventures of Captain Cornwall and Two Different Worlds. I loved Laura’s St Piran’s Day post and Anjalee looked awesome on her birthday!

I’m also hunting for another new mag on Jemma’s recommendation; Debut looks right up my street. Unfortunately the magazine section of my local WHSmith is somewhat lacking since they added a post office to the store.

So many bloggers posted great posts for International Women Day, celebrating the awesome and inspiring women in their lives. One of my favourite posts came from Lauren Evie as it features some fantastic advice.

Finally, I’ve realised that as a reader I’m great at reading a range of blogs and following various social media accounts but I’m pretty crap at actually interacting. As a blogger I love seeing new comment notifications but I rarely leave them on other blogs, even if I loved the post. Becky’s post on the interaction game has encouraged me to try and interact more.

What have you loved reading this week?

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