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Blogosphere, bullet journaling and weight loss #LittleLoves

I really enjoyed putting together my first #LittleLoves post last week and have decided to stick with the linky on Fridays for now. Here’s a little look at the last week.

Read: Bossing it on the blogging inspo this week, with the latest issue of Blogosphere (how does it keep getting bigger and better?!) and Constance Hall’s Like a Queen. This book has genuinely changed my life and I’ll be posting a full review next week.

like a queen and blogosphere magazine

Watched: I started watching This Is Us on All 4 when I finished Gilmore Girls because I needed more Milo in my life! Plus I heard it was reviewing well in the States. I think it’s my current favourite TV show – I crave it more than Neighbours and The Walking Dead (yep, they’re the only ‘grown up’ shows I’m watching these days). Season one has just finished in the States but there are three episodes left over here. I’ll be destroyed come the end!

this is us

Heard: My nephew started calling me Ems yesterday! He hasn’t mastered Auntie Ems yet and for months has been calling me Em. It always melts my heart a bit when he calls me by my name but it reached a whole new level when he said Ems. Even when it was over and over again. Swoon!

Made: I’m finally happy with my 2017 bujo layout! I’m keeping it pretty simple, with a monthly diary and to do list, blog schedule and stats, blog post ideas and favourite quotes. I’ve left a section blank pending future inspiration. What do you use your bujo for? I’ll do a full post on it in the next couple of weeks.

2017 bullet journal blog stats

Wore: I have a dress from Dorothy Perkins which I bought a few months after Jenson was born and it’s a good measure of weight loss. When I bought it it was a little tight on the arms but now it goes on fine – yay weight loss! I can’t see it myself but my jeans are a lot easier to do up too so I guess I’ve lost a bit. Luke reckons I’ve lost over a stone since Christmas (trust me, I can more than stand to lose it!) but I’ve not weighed myself in months. Maybe I should brave the scales.

And lastly: This weekend I’m fighting the sandman to work on my blog redesign when Jenson is in bed. Hopefully it will all go live on Monday. Fingers crossed!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

8 thoughts on “Blogosphere, bullet journaling and weight loss #LittleLoves”

  1. I really want to check out This Is Us, have heard such good things! I think I might have missed the first few episodes on 4od now though so I may have to be patient and wait for repeats or a boxset!

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