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Wonder Woman, One Love Manchester and General Election 2017 #LittleLoves

Quel week! Sorry, I read Oh yeah, Audrey the other day and I’m constantly coming out with Breakfast at Tiffany’s quotes. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to.

Read: Going back to work for three days meant I had time to read! I finished A Tree Grows in Brooklyn on Monday (I can easily see why it’s Becky’s favourite and highly recommend it. It is possibly now in my all-time top ten), whizzed through Oh Yeah, Audrey on Tuesday (review coming soon) and made a start on Caraval on Wednesday. I planned to finish it that night but I just can’t read in bed. Bed = sleep! I’m gonna have another attempt tonight (I’m writing and scheduling this on Thursday night) so fingers crossed. I definitely can’t wait until I go back to work to finish it.

what I've been reading lately

Watched: We just saw Wonder Woman and it was awesome! A strong four stars – the slightly naff CGI (Steve flying the plane, anyone?) and cheese factor with the whole “I believe in love” thing let it down a bit. We hung on til the end for a post-credits scene and nada! Don’t waste your time if you haven’t already been. They totally should have screened the Justice League trailer at the end rather than pre-film. I’m so excited for it though.

wonder woman

Heard: OK, this should probably go under ‘seen’ instead but I’ve not really listened to any podcasts or music this week, so I’m mentioning One Love Manchester here. I didn’t realise it was on BBC1 until it had already started so didn’t start watching until about 8pm. It’s probably for the best cos I don’t know if I could have handled the whole Angels thing. Where Is the Love totally got me though. And Fix You. What a night!

Made: I made my mark. Well, I put a cross on a ballot paper. As I said, I’m writing this on Thursday evening, so by the time you read this post we’ll know the result. All I know is I took the time to vote for who I really wanted to win and who I believe in and I hope that we wake up in a better place. That actually sounded kinda morbid but you know what I mean!

polling station

Wore: This fecking Cornish weather is doing my head in. I leave the house dressed for rain then it’s bright sunshine just a few hours later. I’ve definitely needed the old waterproof a lot this week though. June my arse!

And lastly: I’ve got another week of annual leave! I booked a week off for both Jenson and Luke’s birthdays and I can’t help it if they’re a fortnight apart! All Luke wants for his birthday is to go the beach, get a pizza and watch a film. Let’s hope the weather is on our side.

Have a lovely weekend! We don’t have anything planned and Luke has the weekend off as a pre-birthday treat so hopefully there will be some fun outdoor activities with Jenson.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

7 thoughts on “Wonder Woman, One Love Manchester and General Election 2017 #LittleLoves”

  1. The weather was disappointing although since last Friday we’ve had sunshine and I’m hoping it stays a little longer. Ooh some time off for birthdays sounds perfect, I wish we could do the same but since G went school its so much harder. I hope you’ve had a good week and thanks for joining in with last weeks #littleloves

  2. You always make me add to my reading list. I need to find more time in the day. I really want to read ‘A Tree Grows In Brooklyn’. I also really want to see Wonder Woman! I’m hoping to pop and see it this week, fingers crossed. One Love was so beautiful, so tastefully done and so emotional. And yes, I am so with you on this bloody Cornish weather. I still went to the beach today in protest though, even if I did have to wear my wellies and rain coat. Come back sunshine!! xx

    1. Awesome, I love encouraging people to read more books! I’m kinda lucky that I spend upwards of 12 hours a week on the bus to and from work – without that I’d never have the time!

  3. There was no post credits scene?! I’m glad you told me, we would have sat there all bloody day waiting for that. I can’t wait to see Wonder Woman, just need to find a babysitter. Im desperate to see it. #LittleLoves

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