Thoughts on blogging trends and technologies

A few weeks ago I hosted the #lbloggers chat because I wanted to talk about blogging trends and technologies. I’ve always been a bit of an ‘old-school’ blogger because I like to stick to basic posts with words and photos. I am working on upping my game with photography but I have no interest in adding video/moving to YouTube. I’m also quite generic with my social media. I have a Facebook page for my blog, plus Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts (I have Google Plus too but I only schedule posts there in the hope that it helps my SEO?) but, again, it’s very much words and pictures. I don’t use stories or video on my Instagram account and I don’t use Snapchat. It got me thinking – can my blog survive without it?

blogging for creatives book

It’s not just blogging but most industries which are moving towards multimedia; you really need to be a jack of all trades these days. When I started studying film and media I had very strong interests in theory and print production and avoided video work like the plague. Believe it or not, I studied film and media for six years in further and higher education and never once learned how to shoot or edit. I had a compulsory radio module in my final year though and surprisingly enjoyed it, so I may give podcasting a go yet.

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I got to thinking about what we offer outside of our blogs and how that contributes to the overall experience too. If I really love a blog, I give it a follow on Bloglovin and also follow that person on all of the aforementioned social media platforms. I like to consume regular content and know that if someone is taking a break from their blog they’ll likely continue to update their social media accounts – although I’ve found that some just use their social media accounts to schedule links to their blog posts and nothing more. I like to offer something a bit different. On Facebook I share articles and bargains I’ve found online that might not otherwise get a mention on the blog, on Twitter I like to engage in chats and discussions, on Instagram I like to share what I’m up to and loving day-to-day (and not all pics make it onto blog round-ups) and Pinterest is a bit of a free for all where I simply pin things I love (recipes to try, things to buy for Jenson, etc).

With the chat I wanted to find out if my peers felt that bloggers need to follow trends and master new technologies in order to stay relevant. Here’s what I learned:

1. If you want to make blogging your career you might be left behind if you don’t adapt. But content you’re passionate about is key – do you!

2. People engage with conversation. Give them something to talk about.

3. I really need to hurry up and finish my ‘Pinterest for bloggers’ post.

4. You don’t necessarily need to use live video to keep readers/audiences engaged but they do expect more than ‘just’ a blog.

5. Micro-blogging is key. Social media allows you to keep audiences up-to-date and engaged even when you’re ‘off-blog’.

6. Readers have evolved into audiences.

7. Audiences like to follow across platforms – but it’s best to do a few things well rather than try and spread yourself too thinly across everything.

While I’d love to blog for a living one day, I’m realistic about it. I don’t think I can pay my rent with my blog but I would love to be able to branch out and use it as a launchpad for other freelance endeavors. If that’s the case, maybe I can get by focusing on what I love rather than trying to do everything?

Where do you want blogging to take you and what do you think you need to do to help you make that happen?

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on blogging trends and technologies”

  1. Ideally my blog would eventually earn an income of some sort. For now, though, it is definitely helping me to improve my idea and content development skills. I am slowly realizing what social media can do for a blog when used efficiently (and that I’m not quite there yet). Nice post!

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