Saturday Share #109

This week I bookmarked over a dozen links that I loved, most of them review/sponsored posts. I know some people have a love/hate relationship with these types of posts but I love it when a blog suits the brand really well, the content is well thought out and I find out about something I might not otherwise have heard of.

saturday share

Props to Holly for her Shutterbug post (personalise a candle with your own photo! Great Christmas gift right there), Cathryn for her baby jogger review, Lauren for her review of The Little Book of Lykke and Jemma for her fab reviews of Rymans stationery and Happy Jackson tech. So much awesome!

Huge congrats to one of my fave blogging gal pals, Cat, for ditching the day job and going freelance!

I love that Louise’s blog is always full of colour so I’m loving her post on ways to add more colour to your life.

I can totally relate to Anna’s post on peace and quiet during peak summer. Cornwall is a lovely place to live but can be a bit of a nightmare in the summer.

This week’s stationery porn comes from Charlotte. I want it all!

And last but by no means least, I loved Eleanor’s responses to the A to Z Bookish Survey. I’ll be having a go myself soon.

What have you loved reading this week?

1 thought on “Saturday Share #109”

  1. Great picks! I love seeing bloggers get creative with brands, and as long as the content is great then I don’t mind that it’s sponsored.

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