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Say it proud with Old English Company

Just over a year ago this blog was called A Few of My Favourite Things. It had that name for a few years and I wanted a bit of a revamp. I started to think about labels and decided to go with A Cornish Geek as it sums me up, as well as my content.

It’s funny how you spend a large portion of your life avoiding labels but then you reach a certain age and start wearing with them with pride. In fact, the name of the blog was a great conversation starter at the London Stationery Show last week.

That’s where Old English Company* comes in. Their ever-increasing range of enamel pins allows me to wear my heart on my sleeve – and I bleddy love a slogan/inspirational quote! In fact, you can win the set below. Just head to their competition page to find out more.

Enamel pins from Old English Co.

Whether you’re a proud mama, coffee addict, pizza fiend, feminist or just a bit of a weirdo, they’ve got you covered. Here are just a few of my favourites (£7.00 each).

Enamel pins from Old English Co.

High five, Stay weird, The No Sleep Gang, Mama, Pizza lover, She believed she could so she did, Girl Gang, Coffee then the world.

And if you’re wondering where to store all of these beauties so you don’t lose them, they also stock a handy flag.

Pin flag from Old English Co.

*Old English Co. are supplying me with a voucher to help with my ever-growing wish list in return for this post but all loving words are my own

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