Friday Favourites #49

I didn’t write a Friday Favourites last week because I didn’t have a lot to say. Don’t feel too bad for me – it was mainly because I had just gotten my phone back and didn’t have any photos and I’d had a week of early nights. This week fared a bit better though. Here’s a look at some favourites from the last seven days.

Catching up with friends

Jenson and I are lucky to have some pretty fabulous friends. As our families grow and we make the move to go back to work it becomes harder to make regular time for catch ups, so I was hugely grateful to see some of them this week. Two hours in the park flew by!

Mr Kipling cakes

When I found out that there are some Roald Dahl/Quentin Blake-inspired Mr Kipling cakes I knew I had to get my hands on them. I could only find the George’s Marvellous Medicine whirls in town but a friend has scoped out the rest for me. Such an angel!

Mr Kipling cakes - George's Marvellous Medicine

Parents’ evening

Jenson had his first sort of parents evening thang this week. It was a ten-minute consultation with his key worker, which they do at the end of every academic year. It was great to have some time to raise any issues without the mad dash to or from his session and hear how well he’s doing. He’s been with her since Easter and she said she’s seen such a huge difference in his speech and confidence, which is so reassuring as he prepares to move to pre-school. He had his first taster there this week too and loved it. I’m feeling really confident about his extra session in September and seeing how much he continues to learn and develop.

Jenson’s new pony/ponies

Jenson loves ponies – and thinks unicorns are ponies. He’s managed to blag three new toys in the last week. Look at this stunner!

Jenson's new pony

Hashtag Authentic with Bookish Bronte – and a bath!

I finished my working week with a brain that just would not shut off, so I grabbed a bath bomb and caught up on the Bookish Bronte episode of Hashtag Authentic. Just what I needed.

bath bomb

I’m looking forward to catching up with more friends over the weekend and taking Jenson out to enjoy this stunning weather. Best make the most of it before the rain comes.

Have a lovely weekend :)

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