Getting my shit together [part 2]

Last weekend I set myself some goals and actions with my new Get Your Shit Together Journal*. So how did I do?


Get Your Shit Together Journal by Sarah Knight

#1 This is an ongoing process. I’m learning to unfollow accounts as I go rather than revisiting the 1,170 accounts I follow individually on Instagram.

#2 Done. I’m fortunate that we have a fabulous assistant in the office for a couple more weeks.

#3 Done. I managed to negotiate payment to attend and report back on an event but I cancelled as I’d have to take Jenson with me.


Get Your Shit Together Journal by Sarah Knight

#1 I discovered the @midsizecollective account over the weekend (thanks, Hannah Gale!) and gave it a follow. I also decided to follow the hashtag #midsizestyle and check out the accounts of the fab ladies featured and gave them a follow.

#2 This is always a struggle but I’m making sure I manage expectations when it comes to workload over the summer.

#3 I would have done this in the evening but fell asleep with Jenson, so this was bumped down the list to pick up at a later date. Falling asleep also meant that I missed #UKBlogHour – again.


Get Your Shit Together Journal by Sarah Knight

#1 I bought a bag of popcorn at lunchtime to make up enough to pay by card and decided to save it for next week – and I resisted! Future me will be so pleased to find yummy snacks.

#2 I only took one job home with me this week, which I’m pretty pleased about.

#3 This would have been my evening job, but I find it really hard to get anything done when I’ve been at work that day. I was up at 6.20am and got home just before 7pm, so I was more than ready for my bed – I couldn’t even stay awake through 15 minutes of Grey’s! I’m readjusting my schedule so that I don’t need to get anything done on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.


Get Your Shit Together Journal by Sarah Knight

#1 Took Jenson to a kids’ music and dance class, which he loved. We also went to a fundraising event at nursery and popped to the library on the way home.

#2 I’ve made plans to have lunch with my mum on Sunday and I’m also heading to the cinema on Saturday night – plenty to look forward to.

#3 Carried over to Friday – I planned for Luke to put Jenson to bed so I would have more quiet office time in the evening.


Get Your Shit Together Journal by Sarah Knight

#1 Skipped this in favour of a long walk with Luke, taking photos. I think that’s a pretty good swap. I’ll sort out the wardrobe soon.

#2 Worked in the office from 7-9.45pm, then headed to bed for some Grey’s and a good sleep. I didn’t even get through one episode again.

#3 Giveaway scheduled. Hopefully that will grow the list.

Also signed up to Awin and set up my Mailchimp. Hashtag productive!


Get Your Shit Together Journal by Sarah Knight

#1 My boobs look smaller, which must mean I’m losing weight as that’s always the first place I lose it from. Go figure!

#2 Done

#3 Carried over as I’ve been scheduling next week’s posts so that I don’t need to do anything on a work night.


Get Your Shit Together Journal by Sarah Knight

Went to the cinema last night (click here for semi-spoilery review of Mamma Mia 2) and had a lovely picnic in the park today. Perfect!

Looking back

This week has cemented the fact that I can’t count on having the energy to do anything on a work night and I should adjust my schedule accordingly. In terms of achieving my goals…

#1 This one needs the most work. Hormonal changes have meant a less healthy diet than I would have liked – any tips for working around this?

#2 When it comes to time management and prioritising my workload, delegation and asking for help is key. I’m learning to stop seeing it as a sign of weakness or being incapable.

#3 I’ve found some great new accounts to follow and have joined another online book club (#ourdaughtersdaughterssociety). This week’s #BlogosphereChat was super helpful as it was about newsletters – perfect timing! I’ll know more about how successful this week has been this time next week when my giveaways close.

Looking forwards

The goal I’m most excited about it #3 as I love seeing my blog grow and I’ve got some ideas for my first newsletter following the Blogosphere chat. #1 will do wonders for my self-esteem when I get there and I think I need to break this down into lots of smaller goals. The beauty of the Get Your Shit Together Journal is that it helps you look at where you spend your time and what helps get you in the zone before you set your next goals so that you can be more productive and impactful. Wish me luck!

*I was sent a copy of the Get Your Shit Together Journal for review purposes

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