A few of my favourite things #67

I’m sat writing this, basking in the glow of someone who has nine days off work. Not only that, but someone who has a week of fun planned for her birthday. Yay me! But before the celebrations begin, here’s a look at a few favourites from the last week.

Christmas crafts

It’s so hard to find things to do with Jenson now the weather is getting colder. He loves being outside but we can’t really spend hours out on his bike or playing in the park like we usually do at the weekend. His Aunty Domi bought him some fun Christmas crafts, so last weekend we painted a Snowman suncatcher and headed to a free family craft session at the local gallery. He loves being able to cut and stick himself.

Jenson crafts

Jenson crafts

Film night

Truth be told, Luke and I don’t spend an awful lot of time together, so the other night we sat down and watched Arrival together. It’s one of those films which was hyped as one of the best of the year when it came out but has taken us until now to see it – hashtag parent life! It wasn’t what I was expecting and well worth a watch. Catch it on Netflix. Cider and chocolates optional.


Christmas crumpets

Speaking of snacks, I couldn’t resist Asda’s Christmas crumpets when I placed our most recent order. You’re never too old for novelty food.

Christmas crumpets

Holidays are coming

Not only have I seen the Coca-Cola advert three times now (I still squeal a little bit every time and crank up the volume) but I’ve started swooning over festive window displays too. Jenson was quite taken by this one.

Christmas window display

Fab collaborations

I’m so fortunate to be able to work with some bleddy awesome brands. A package arrived the other day, as part of my upcoming 12 Days of Christmas giveaways, and it just made me feel so grateful and appreciated. I love what I do.

The Story Gift

Mini adventure

I like to try and do something fun with Jenson when Luke’s working at the weekend. Yesterday we got the bus over to The Range to look at Christmas decorations (more fun than it sounds) and we called in at Pets at Home on the way home to look at rabbits we’re not allowed to adopt (renting rules). We both totally fell for Maisie. Jenson said: “She’s sad. She needs to go home.” No, you’re a mess!

The Range grotto

The Range Penzance

The Range Penzance

Pets at Home

Birthday celebrations

As I said earlier, I’ve got a birthday on the way. 31. Yep, no longer 30 but actually in my thirties. It feels older… But you know what softens the blow? When angels like Dom make you a birthday picnic <3

Birthday picnic

I’ve been really good and not opened any presents so far. Look at all the pretty paper.

Birthday presents

So how does a grown-up celebrate turning 31, I hear you ask? Well, I’m only having 24 hours off from work and parenting! It’s my friend’s 30th a few days after my birthday and we’re treating ourselves to the ultimate spa break – a night’s stay, dinner, breakfast, use of the facilities and an hour-long treatment. Don’t mind if I do! Plus I’m off Christmas shopping for the day with another friend and getting the house ready for Christmas. Exciting times.

There won’t be another ‘favourite things’ post for a couple of weeks as my 12 Days of Christmas giveaways will be running from 1-12 December. I hope you love them.

4 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things #67”

  1. Arrival wasn’t at all what I was expecting, either! I thought it would bring some big alien war or something, but I still found myself really enjoying it. I now want to rewatch it! The Christmas crumpets are so cute; I think I’m going to need to hunt some down for the festive season. I love a good Christmas novelty. The bunny in the photo looks just like a rabbit I had called Tigerlily. I had her for 10 years but she died of old age a few years ago. She was awesome. I hope you have an amazing birthday. A spa break and a shopping trip sound like the perfect way to spend it. Turning 31 feels weird at first, but 33 felt worse! Haha! It’s not so bad once you get used to it, though. xx

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