A few of my favourite things #69

I’m going to move swiftly past the title of this post and get straight onto sharing a few things I’ve loved from the last week.

Snowman hot chocolates

With marshmallows like these can you blame me for drinking so many hot chocolates? Plus it’s practically one of my five a day (chocolate comes from a bean!).

Snowman marshmallows

Snowman hot chocolate

New shower gel

I had done 99% of my toiletries shopping in Boots for years and recently rediscovered the bleddy bargains available in Superdrug. 2 for £2 on beautifully designed shower gel! Don’t worry, they smell lush too.

Imperial Leather shower gel

Dream home

I didn’t really know what my dream home looked like until recently. I found myself wandering through an industrial estate in Helston this week and spotted these cuties! Yes please.

Dream home

Catch up with the girls

While I was on maternity leave I made some bleddy amazing friends but the working mum life has made it harder to grab the odd cheeky coffee. Fortunately we managed to squeeze in a pre-Christmas catch up yesterday, which was awesome. Seeing the kids play hide and seek together made me realise how far we’ve all come in the last few years.

Treats at The Front Room

Festive fun

Two more sleeps! I don’t know who’s more excited, me or Jenson! We went to see the Mousehole Lights the other night and, even though the bus was late and packed, and it was raining, he loved it. He’s still talking about it. It’s all about the little things and it was so nice for him to go with his older cousin.

Mousehole lights

We’ve been catching up with our favourites over the last few days and I’ve let Jenson open some presents early so he knows and appreciates who they’ve come from. My besties gave him some lovely presents and it’s been so heart-warming to see him get so excited, not just about the presents but about spending time with them too. He’s so lucky to have so many people love him to pieces, although I can’t say I blame them.

And I think it’s time for a little break! I’ve got a few blog posts scheduled in ready for the new year (look out for a giveaway on the first) and I’m going to (try and) take a little break away from the blog and social media for the next week. I’d like to say it’s a full digital detox but I have zero willpower. Instead, I’m going to be focusing on family time, long baths and all of the Netflix. I can’t wait!

Happy holidays and I’ll see you soon :)

1 thought on “A few of my favourite things #69”

  1. Aww such a lovely post! I love those snowmen marshmallows, they are so pretty and photogenic. I rarely buy from Boots, I nearly always shop at Superdrug for my toiletries, they are cheaper and their own brand is cruelty-free. If you have a members card, you can get even more savings such as free delivery over £10 online. I’ve been taking a digital detox over Christmas on some of my platforms, it’s nice just to chill, spend time with family and be in the moment. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! 🙂 xx
    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

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