A few of my favourite things #71

If the first (almost) week of 2019 is anything to go by, I think I’m gonna like this year. In the last seven days, I’ve been to the cinema four times, had a family day out, joined two Twitter chats, have made time to journal every day and I’m feeling reasonably stress-free at the moment. Start as you mean to go on, ey? Here’s a closer look at some of the highlights.


Four times in one week! It’s like the good ol’ days, before I realised I was never going to make a living as a film journalist while living in Cornwall.

I went to the Newlyn Filmhouse for the first time last weekend. It’s a pricier ticket than at the Savoy but they were showing Some Like it Hot, so I was willing to fork out an extra few quid. It was so much fun seeing an old favourite up on the big screen and it was great to introduce my bestie to a classic.

My favourite of the three contemporary films was Into the Spider Verse. As soon as I saw the trailer for this a few months back I knew I had to see it on the big screen. Merlin Cinemas do 2 for 1 with a Movie Magic card on a Monday, which is a great idea in theory, but I like to put Jenson to bed when I’ve been at work all day, so rarely get the chance to make the most of this offer. Fortunately, an afternoon trip on New Year’s Eve makes for good timing, so Luke and I had a mini date afternoon, complete with Subway lunch.

I can’t tell you how much you need to see this. The animation is incredible and I want to play the soundtrack on repeat. And I loved seeing Spider Gwen (more please!). It really is a comic book geek’s dream.

Aquaman was such a let down. If it wasn’t for Jason Momoa it would be borderline unwatchable. It was a good half an hour too long, the script was cringey and the soundtrack didn’t know what the fuck it was doing. Would not recommend.

Mary Poppins Returns is a weird one because I love the classic film and have such a girl crush on Emily Blunt. Ahead of my viewing I read a lot of comments from people saying that the songs aren’t as catchy as the original. I beg to differ, mainly because it’s hard to compare the songs of a newly released musical with those of a film you’ve probably spent the last twenty or more years listening to on an annual basis. Sure, some are a bit forgettable, but ‘A Cover is Not the Book’ was a bit of a show stopper. Although that could just be the book blogger in me. And Emily Blunt can do no wrong. I reckon it gets a solid three and a half stars.

I’m not sure what new release is next on my list. I’m super excited for Shazam though. Possibly even more than Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. I love Zachary Levi. Anyone else miss Chuck?

New favourite biscuits

Jenson got a pack of Cadbury Mini Stars with one of his Christmas presents and, like any good mum, I’ve been helping him eat them. They’re my new favourites with a cup of tea.

Cadbury mini stars biscuits


It’s slightly concerning how much I blog about food… I was treated to a home cooked meal courtesy of my baby brother the other day. It’s such a rare occurrence that it’s worthy of a mention regardless but man, can that kid cook! I say kid, he’s about to turn 28. I swear he was just 15, not a fully grown man, capable of building beautiful homes and raising two small children.

New bujo

I’ve got a shiny new bujo ready for the new year and, yep, I couldn’t be convinced to try anything other than a Dingbats. If it ain’t broke… In an effort to keep it up this year, I’ve consulted a few awesome Facebook groups, and the master himself, and I’m ready for daily journalling in 2019. I’ve got a few posts coming up, reviewing some relevant books and sharing my set-up for this month.

My new bullet journal

Eden Project

Every winter the Eden Project offers free entry over various weekends for locals who work in nursing, education or for a charity, and so we took Jenson along for the first time yesterday. He was really excited to try ice skating yet had a mini meltdown when we got on the ice. He wanted to be picked up and taken off, which I was told off for, so I coaxed him around one lap. When we got to the exit he had perked up and wanted to try again, so we did. Then he loved it so much that we did two more laps before bailing five minutes before the end of the session – have you ever skated for half an hour bent over a three year old and a penguin? I rediscovered muscles I had forgotten existed!

We had a really lovely day there and I’m thinking about doing a separate post on it, although the weather was a bit crap and so my photos don’t look all that wonderful. I’ll see how Luke’s look when he’s done editing.

Ice skating at the Eden Project


If you haven’t entered my new year giveaway, there’s still time – it closes tomorrow at midnight. If you want to win a copy of Sarah Knight’s latest No Fucks Given Guide, Calm the F**k Down (already a bestseller after just one week) and a stunning 12-month planner, just head over to my 2019 goals post.

2019 goals toolkit giveaway2019 goals toolkit giveaway

I hope that the start of 2019 has treated you well. Bring on the first full working week of the new year!

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