Blog tour: The Lost Man by Jane Harper

[Ad – review. I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes and all thoughts are my own. This post also contains an affiliate link]

Becoming a book blogger has introduced me to so many fab writers and genres I might not otherwise have read. Two years ago, I was invited onto the blog tour for the release of a thriller from a debut writer. I didn’t know anything about The Dry until the press release dropped in my inbox and it became one of my books of the year. I was excited to be sent a signed proof of Jane Harper’s follow up, Force of Nature, which cemented her status as one of my favourite contemporary writers. She’s just released her third thriller, The Lost Man, and I’m so pleased to finally be able to share my thoughts with you.

The Lost Man by Jane Harper - blog tour

Jane’s first two books followed Federal Agent Aaron Falk, who is absent from this novel. Although The Lost Man is a stand-alone story, there is still a brief nod to what went down in the first book, which is fun for readers who are already fans of Jane’s work.

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The Lost Man opens with the discovery of a body in the Australian outback, days before Christmas. Far from his car and any supplies, Cameron’s family can’t believe he’d be walking around in the middle of nowhere in the blistering heat. Could he have been walking in the anticipation of death? Or could someone be else be responsible?

As with Jane’s previous novels, characters’ histories are revealed in flashback throughout, so people you’re introduced to at the start may not really be who they seem. She keeps her readers on their toes and, yet again, I was unable to play detective myself and guess the ending.

Something else I love about Jane’s writing is that her key characters are consistently flawed. They’re human. They’re relatable. And you care all the more for it. While I found myself wanting to rush to the end to find out how and why Cameron died, I also wanted to take my time and get to know the Bright family. While the ending was satisfying, I still found myself wanting more as I’d grown so attached. She’s a fantastic storyteller.

Also, props to the marketing team at Little, Brown UK who sent the ARCs out in this fun paper, detailing the novel’s location.

The Lost Man by Jane Harper - book review

The Lost Man by Jane Harper - book review

The Lost Man by Jane Harper - book review

Have you read any of Jane’s books yet? I already can’t wait for the next one.

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