A few of my favourite things #89

I’ve barely blogged in a fortnight. Word of advice: if you feel unwell, go to the doctors pronto. Don’t put it off until you have to run out of the office for fear of being sick everywhere, such is the intensity of your water infection. Look after yo’self.

Anyhoo, I’m playing catch up on the review posts I’ve been meaning to schedule, so I apologise if the number of posts popping up in your feed is directly related to your dwindling bank balance; I’ve been trying and testing some absolute beauties.

But before we get on to new reviews, I thought I’d catch you up on the last couple of weeks at Casa de Cornish Geek.

Breakfast date with Jenson

Jenson’s swimming lessons were cancelled for a couple of weeks while they fixed the pool temperature and I felt like I needed to come up with a fun alternative. His swimming lessons are the highlight of my week, as it’s quality time that we get together right at the end of my working week. One of his favourite places is The Front Room, so I treated us to a breakfast date.


Family time

We spent some time with my Dad for his birthday, indulging in Jelberts ice cream, playing in the park, and chowing down on a carvery (plus dessert). Jenson loves playing with his Grandad – and his dog. We don’t have our own dog yet so Jenson likes to share. He loves telling everyone that Che is his friend.


Red carpet

We’re in the middle of one of our busiest periods at work, which involves three rather big events. I’m a big believer of comfortable footwear, so I took my glittery Moshulu shoes for a stroll down the red carpet.

Red carpet

Mighty Pups

I bought Jenson his very own Movie Magic card before he even turned four! With a few Jenson-appropriate cinema releases on the horizon (Mighty Pups, The Secret Life of Pets 2, Toy Story 4 and Frozen), I figured it was worth it for the savings (Luke and I have had our own cards for years). We knew Mighty Pups would be released in time for his birthday, so I took him for an early birthday treat last weekend. He loved it and the running time was perfect for his attention span.

We’ll be trying our first feature film next week. He’s pretty good with things he’s already familiar with, so I’m hoping that his love of The Secret Life of Pets will mean he can sit through the sequel. Wish us luck.

Mighty Pups

Birthday party

Jenson celebrated his fourth birthday with his friends yesterday. I had to keep reminding him that it’s actually 11 sleeps until his birthday, so there are more presents to come, but he had a great afternoon. All of his friends from nursery showed up, including his bestie, and he got to share his party with his cousin. I’ve got to admit, soft play parties are hardcore and I won’t be doing one again! We got very few photos throughout the afternoon, so here’s a look at my rainbow decorations and accessories.

Fourth birthday party

I’ve just got to get through three more days of work, then I’ve got 11 days off. I’m really looking forward to Jenson’s birthday and can’t wait to see his face when he comes downstairs in the morning to see the toy he’s been asking for for weeks all set up and ready to go.

Have a great week :)

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