A few of my favourite things #95

Summer is well and truly here and I have seen a clear spike in my mood. There’s a prompt in my Change Journal to give each day a rating out of ten and, on the days when I’ve been out in the sun with Jenson, I’ve been hitting the high numbers.

Here’s a look back at what we got up to last week.

Family day

Between work and summer nursery hours, we have very few days together as a family before Jenson starts Big School. On these rare days I’m keen to make the most of it.

Jenson’s swimming lessons have been cancelled for the last two weeks due to maintenance, so we hopped on the open top bus to the pool in St Ives, then called in to see his Granny and had fish and chips for tea. Actually, I had chippy tapas. When I saw the menu I wanted a bit of everything, so I ordered garlic mushrooms, calamari, and battered brie. It turned out they only had half a portion of calamari so substituted some scampi. My eyes were a lot bigger than my belly.

Fish and chips

Fish and chips

Blogger mail

One of my favourite brands to work with is Abrams + Chronicle. They have everything I love in one place – books and stationery, including children’s books, feminist non-fiction, journals and more. Plus their PR team is so lovely.

Last week’s delivery included a Hand Lettering Ledger, to help me develop my technique, and a box of mindfulness cards. I can’t wait to show you what’s inside – it’s beautiful inside and out. Reviews coming soon.

Hand Lettering Ledger

Mindfulness cards

Spider-Man movie meal deal

I used to go to the cinema weekly and treat myself to a meal deal monthly but, y’know, parenthood. We’re lucky to make it every couple of months these days but we always make an effort for the latest comic book film.

Last week we saw Spider-Man: Far From Home and grabbed some food first. The Savoy in Penzance was refurbished recently and launched a new food menu to boot. I don’t get out much so when I spot something exciting on the menu I can’t help treating myself. I ordered a pizza (always something meaty) plus two starters (halloumi fries and breaded brie – I love cheese!), washed down with a large Merlot. Lovely food and lovelier company.

Pizza and halloumi fries

The film was fun, as was to be expected. I’ve got a lot of time for Tom Holland. But what’s up with Jake Gyllenhaal? The dude is pushing 40 but has barely aged in 15 years. His generation’s Paul Rudd?

Spider-Man: Far From Home

New shoes

I love the summer but it’s a struggle as I like to hide in jeans and baggy sweaters. One thing I can wear without struggling with my body image is sandals. Just ignore how pale my feet are!

Moshulu sandals

I picked up these beauties in the Moshulu seconds sale for a bargain £25. I genuinely won’t buy my shoes anywhere else now after picking up a couple of pairs earlier in the year. I was so used to buying cheap pairs that only last a season but now I’m a total convert. I wonder what winter boots they’ll have…

Moshulu sandals

Moshulu sandals

First beach trip of the summer

We’re so lucky to live a short walk from a couple of different beaches but I can count the amount of times we went last summer on one hand. I definitely plan to improve on that this year.

Jenson loves being in the water and there are normally a couple of dogs to make friends with. And all it costs is an ice cream on the way home. Bargain.

Blue sky

Bestie time

My bestie popped down on Sunday and treated us to brunch and an ice cream, and we went for a wander in the sun. We swung by the pirate ship in Penzance harbour and took a few pictures. I’ll try and pop back with Jenson when the shop is open so he can explore a bit more.

Pirate ship


Jenson hit the ultimate toilet training milestone at the weekend and I’ve genuinely never been more proud of anyone in my life. As promised, he got another Toy Story toy and was a very happy bunny.

Woody and Jessie toys

He’s halfway through his transition sessions at Big School and doing so well. I’m feeling quietly confident that everything will go just fine when he starts properly in September.

Here’s to more fun, sunny family days. Have a great week.

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