A few of my favourite things #97

Looks like storms are coming today (hopefully not the metaphorical kind) so I’m extra grateful for the last few days I’ve had with Jenson. I’m trying not to count down the weeks and days until he starts school but I can’t help but be aware that there are less than six weeks left of our summer. We’re squeezing in plenty of fun and games where we can though, with coffee and cake dates with friends, trips to the park, and bike rides, plus he loves playing bubbles with our neighbours on the front porch in the evening. Here’s a little look back at life last week.


I normally bake when I’m stressed or procrastinating but I had to bake on demand twice last week. I made dinosaur shortbread for Jenson’s pre-school bake-off and some mini scones as part of my autism training (yes, really!).

Mini scones

I’m not normally one to toot my own horn but the scones were pretty incredible – and because they’re bite-size it’s easy to get through a fair few.

Mini scones

I spotted this tea tray and some rather Instagrammable mugs in Poundland which I couldn’t resist.

Coffee cup

They also had a set of animal cookie cutters, so Jenson and I made a batch of those too. Anyone would think I actually like spending time in the kitchen!

Animal biscuits

Mums’ Night Out

A couple of times a year I get together with some of the lovely mums I’ve met through antenatal classes, pregnancy yoga and baby aquatics for an evening out and feel so much better for it. Last week we headed to The Alverne in Penzance and I got my five a day via a couple of glasses of Pimms.


Sunny days with Jenson

I’m fortunate that my employer subsidises my bus travel so I can travel all over Cornwall for £40 a month (instead of the usual £100-110). Because Jenson still travels for free it’s cheap and easy for us to jump on a bus for an adventure. Last weekend we popped over to Mousehole for a paddle in the harbour (the kid loves the water) followed by a cheeky hot chocolate and milkshake at The Rock Pool.


Mousehole harbour

Rockpool Cafe

STAEDTLER fineliners

The lovely team at STAEDTLER sent me an epic bundle of pens to say thanks for my work on the Simply Lettering blog hop. There’s no obligation to share them on the blog but I feel a review post coming on!


Books, books, books!

Don’t you just love it when you reserve a book at the library and then you get an email to say it’s arrived? I’ve heard good things about The Farm and I’m going to try and squeeze it in in the next couple of weeks.

The Farm by Joanne Ramos

I’m forever returning my library books with my bookmark still inside so I was pleased to nab a freebie.


I was also sent a review copy of a new bookish magazine which I’m looking forward to reading.

Strong Words magazine

Stickers from Dorkface

When Jemma shared these stickers on her Stories I knew I had to order some. Get yours here.

Dorkface stickers

We also went to Jenson’s pre-school leaving celebration last week. I can’t believe how grown up and confident he is all of a sudden. A year ago he still preferred to play alone at nursery and didn’t much like talking to anyone when we were out and about. Now he has a best friend, says hello to everyone when we’re shopping, and he is so excited to start Big School. He’s come on massively with his swimming too (I can’t believe how long he can hold his breath for) and he’s so ready to start solo swimming lessons in September.

I wonder what delights this week will bring. Have a good one :)

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