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Why I love: The Big Bang Theory

I mentioned before that The Big Bang Theory is one of those shows that I really didn’t care for in the beginning but grew to love. Now it’s one of my favourite TV shows currently on air.

the big bang theory

There’s not really one reason why I love it. I suppose I could try and sum it up by saying it makes it cool to be uncool. But that says nothing about the awesome one-liners, it’s cult status and heart-warming relationships. So I thought I’d share ten of my favourite moments.

1. Soft Kitty
I love it whenever Soft Kitty pops up – when Sheldon was sick and Penny sang it for the first time, when Sheldon was homesick, and my absolute favourite was when Penny requested that Sheldon sing it to her and they did a round. Brilliant!

2. Sheldon’s quirks
I liken myself to Sheldon a lot – needing to have my food a certain way, having a ‘spot’ on the sofa, the routine of my daily life. And I love that this show allows me to laugh at myself.

3. Bazinga
It’s the ultimate TV catchphrase yet I never seem to use it in my day-to-day life. I really need to work on that. The ball pit scenes is one of my favourites.

4. Raj
Raj is my favourite character. He has so many adorable oneliners, usually about ‘Sandy B’ or Beyonce. One of my favourite moments was when he spoke to Penny for the first time.

5. The Justice League episode
One of my favourite episodes is the one where they dressed up as the Justice League.

6. This picture

the big bang theory

7. Amy’s Tiara
At first, I wasn’t sure what to make about the introduction of long-running female characters who weren’t Penny. But Bernadette and Amy are pretty fricking awesome, and Sheldon and Amy’s relationship is fascinating. I think the moment when Sheldon gave Amy the tiara is my favourite scene of all time. I almost pee myself laughing every time and I love how he manages to keep a straight  face. It’s just perfect – hilarious and adorable.

8. Christmas presents
Penny’s ultimate Christmas gift to Sheldon was pretty awesome. I love that he is completely flummoxed and hugs her and gives her all the gift baskets. Bless him.

9. The awesome games.
Such as Donkey Kong Jenga!

10. It’s baaaaack!
It’s one of those shows that hasn’t allowed its awesomeness to wane and the promo for Season 6 looks hilarious, if brief. Bring it on!


I love all of the characters for different reasons, but Raj just edges out Sheldon as my favourite. Who is yours?

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