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Paperchase’s new bird collections

I’m a sucker for anything with owls on it. And anything from Paperchase. So their new collections are bound to bankrupt me. Their hootsweet collection is covered with owls and the paradiso collection has black birds and colourful parrots. Pretty!

Hoot sweet at Paperchase

Wrapping paper, £3.50, Memo block, £4.25, Photo frame, £12.00, Notebook, £9.00, Mugs, £10.00

Paradiso at Paperchase

Pen pot, £5.00, Wrapping paper, £3.50, Satchel, £25.00, Gift bag, £3.50, Jewellery holder, £14.00


Considering I usually favour anything with owls, I’m quite surprised that I prefer the Paradiso collection. It’s rather classically pretty.

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