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New favourite magazine: The Simple Things

I’m a magazine junkie. When I was little I would spend my pocket money on magazines such as Bunty and Mandy, before making my way up to Smash Hits and Top of the Pops, then Sugar and Bliss before hitting the ‘grown up’ mags. At one point I subscribed to about a dozen magazines because it was cheaper than buying them on the news stands every month. Now I’ve ‘cut back’ to just Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Company, Little White Lies, Sight & Sound and Vanity Fair (I’m waiting for my subscriptions to run out on Aesthetica and movieScope). The thing is, I’ve just started a subscription to another new magazine which I’ve fallen in love with – The Simple Things.

The Simple Things started out as a blog back in April and launched it’s magazine last month. I didn’t hear about it until the first magazine was published and checked out the blog and bought the first issue. It’s not like me to buy a magazine that isn’t a glossy women’s mag or about film, never mind subscribe to it, but I love the combination of food and lifestyle. The recipes are do-able (even by my standards – look out for tried and tested recipes coming soon), the items for the home are affordable and it is beautifully presented with eye-catching photos.

Issue 1 and 2

£4.99 an issue may seem a bit steep to some people, but if you subscribe you can get your first three issues for a fiver, then it’s £12.99 a quarter.

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