Print is not dead [part 2]

This morning I read Vix's latest Exciting Email and was inspired in a way that I haven't been for a long time. I'm a magazine junkie and, somewhat bizarrely, it was my love of print that ignited my passion for blogging over a decade ago. It gave me a platform for my own writing. And,… Continue reading Print is not dead [part 2]

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Saturday Share #116

I'm writing this wearing Luke's snuggly jumper, tucked up in my mermaid blanket. I suggest you too snuggle up (maybe grab a brew first?) and enjoy a selection of the blog posts I've loved this week. I mentioned in yesterday's Little Loves post that I've been known to struggle a bit with the ol' Imposter… Continue reading Saturday Share #116

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Saturday Share #83

The blogosphere is so relatable and inspiring, always encouraging me to be a better writer. Here's what I've loved reading this week. Oh so many relatable blog posts this week. Like Sophie I often wonder where I fit into the world of blogging, Molly's Gilmore Girls addiction is me a few weeks ago and my… Continue reading Saturday Share #83

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Saturday Share #51

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm rejigging my blog posts a bit. I love sharing my favourite reads of the week with you but I've bumped it to a Saturday Share instead of a Follow Friday to make way for a Friday Favourites (#alliterationaddict). Check out my first Friday Favourites post here and let me know… Continue reading Saturday Share #51

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Follow Friday #21

This week's Follow Friday is short and sweet. Jenson has had a bit of a clingy day and I just haven't had the time or energy to catch up on bookmarked posts and share them with you lovely readers. For now, enjoy these little beauties and hopefully there will be something a bit more epic… Continue reading Follow Friday #21

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Books by bloggers

A couple of months ago I blogged about books on blogging, some of which were written by successful bloggers, such as Joy Cho, Dana Fox and Regina Anaejionu. I think most of us would be lying if we said that a book deal wouldn't be amazing and I've compiled a list of some of the… Continue reading Books by bloggers

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Some Instagram favourites

My problem with Instagram is that I'm always screenshotting things I love and forgetting to search for them later. There are dozens of images on my phone going back months and most of them are impossible to find now. Here are some of the goodies I've managed to track down... I managed to find the… Continue reading Some Instagram favourites

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Highlights of the week

Plenty of recipes to try this week, along with blogging tips and days out in Cornwall. Lifestyle Pastel bedroom - Not on the High Street Chocolate Lego is made to make your mouth water - Creative Bloq I believe in you - Sailboat Thoughts :: On Being A Product Of My Family - She &… Continue reading Highlights of the week

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What does the end of Company Magazine mean for the print industry?

Yesterday I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed, as you do, when I came across an intriguing headline: A New Era for COMPANY. So far, so ok. I figured they were developing their app or something. Then came the opening line: "It's very sad but also exciting news for Company - the print magazine… Continue reading What does the end of Company Magazine mean for the print industry?

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Mollie Makes specials: Blogging and Photography

I had never read a copy of Mollie Makes until last week. I've been trying to get (or rather thinking about getting)  crafty for a while but I didn't think a whole issue would really appeal to me at this early stage. Then I saw an ad for their blogging special in the latest issue… Continue reading Mollie Makes specials: Blogging and Photography