Getting to know you: (My) Simple Things

I love the magazine The Simple Things. Not just because of the ‘can-do’ recipes. Not also because of the gorgeous photography. Not because of the must-have household accessories. It’s the simple things. Literally. I love reading about the writers’ simple things. In the first two issues, ‘things’ have included a cat purring, crunchy leaves, list-making and new socks. In the interest of getting to know my new readers, I thought I’d share ten of my favourite things. Look out for future entries where I will post more under ‘Getting to know you’. I hope you’ll do the same!

Image from

1. Starting the weekend with warm almond croissants with raspberry jam

image from

2. Waking up on a Monday morning and realising it’s a Bank Holiday

Image from

3. The silky smooth feeling from a new razor

Image from

4. Seeing St Michael’s Mount on the way to Penzance when I haven’t been back for a while

Image from

5. The ‘pop’ when opening a new jar of jam

Image from

6. Getting post that isn’t a bill

Image from

7. When the lights dim in the cinema before a film starts

Image from

8. The smell of summer rain

Image from

9. Someone else making me a cup of tea

Image from

10. Flicking through a new magazine

What are some of your simple things?

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