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Print is not dead

I’ve noticed that I’ve had a lot of emails coming through from Pinterest lately saying ‘so-and-so has just started following your board Magazine Covers‘. So many, in fact, that I decided to see just how many people are actually following it. It turns out it’s 371 – my most popular by far (the next closest is Fashion with 172). And it’s especially surprising that it has just 51 pins at the moment, making it one of my smallest boards.

This is obviously awesome because it means print is not dead. People love a good magazine cover. So I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you…

I love this Interview cover of Michelle Williams. When My Week With Marilyn was released, I picked up every magazine I could get my hands on with Michelle Williams on the cover. I think she’s fabulous

As much as I like Sight & Sound, their covers can be quite boring and predictable. I loved this Wes Anderson issue as he rarely appears on the cover of film magazines and I like that it’s illustrated

Little White Lies is my favourite magazine in terms of design (and film content). The Attack the Block cover is my favourite because it’s glow in the dark! And not the shit kind of glow in the dark – I could actually see it in my bedroom at night. Brilliant

I hadn’t heard of the Dixie Chicks until the Bush controversy, which was swiftly followed by this Entertainment Weekly cover and the documentary Shut Up & Sing. You should definitely check it out

The Social Network cover of Total Film was made up of photos of readers. Pretty cool, huh!

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