Favourite stationery store: Paperchase

Paperchase is the closest place to heaven on earth. As soon as I walk through the doors, I smile and don’t know where to start. It’s rude not to browse everything, and it’s the same with the website. I don’t just go online to look for notebooks, I check out everything, just to make sure I don’t miss anything. Here are some of my favourites:


Taches exercise book, £3.00, Three moustache books, £10.00, A4 butterfly notebook, £6.00,
A5 notebook, £4.50, Guardian journal, £9.00


Panda highlighters, £3.00, Cat highlighters, £3.00, Owl pen, £2.00, Bunny pen, £2.00


Memo block, £4.50, Elephant notes, £2.75, Handy notes, £5.00, Tea notes, £6.00,
Thought cloud notes, £3.00


Like & dislike stamps, £10.00, Butterfly pins, £2.00, Wipe board, £2.00, Display book, £3.00,
Magnetic pad, £5.00


Meal planner, £7.00, Calendar list pad, £6.00, Desk planner, £8.00, Recipe book, £10.00,
Recipe book, £10.00

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