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In the spotlight: Christian Furse from Christian Michael Photography

Once a month, I’ll be putting the spotlight on an emerging creative talent, giving them the chance to talk about their craft, share their experiences and provide a platform for people to see their work. I’ll be talking to filmmakers, writers, designers and bloggers, asking what inspired them to create their products, how they they plan to build their business and, of course, about their favourite things.

This month the spotlight is on Christian Furse from Christian Michael Photography. The business has been voted as the top wedding photographers in Cornwall and in the top ten in the UK.

Christian Michael PhotographyName: Christian Furse
Age: 30
Profession: Wedding Photographer
Location: Ludgvan, Cornwall

Do you remember the moment when you decided that this was what you want to do?
Yes. When I did activities week at school aged 14, I shot and developed a roll of black and white film and upon seeing the photograph appear through the murky chemicals I was excited about capturing moments in time.  I realised shortly afterwards that there is no better place to capture moments in time than at a wedding; and was fortunate to document my first wedding at age 17.
What did you study and where?
After my initial GCSEs at Cape Cornwall School, I ventured to Truro College and completed a Photography and Digital Imaging course.
Networking and collaboration is key in the creative industries. Who couldn’t you do this without?
I’m a big fan of social media. I blog each wedding onto my website, then share the images on Twitter and Facebook and have various venue pages on Pinterest.  My wife covers a lot of this for me!
Where do you get your inspiration from?
A constant desire to produce fresh and exciting images. I would never want to shoot a wedding exactly the same as I believe each client should have images that reflect their day and personality.
Christian Michael PhotographyWhat advice would you give to someone who wants to work in your area?
I would say that education isn’t everything and would recommend getting first hand experience from someone in the industry.  You can be told all there is to know about photography but you will never learn unless you are doing it.


What are your career plans for the next year?

I will currently only shoot 60 weddings a year. This allows me to give each wedding the time it deserves to be there from start to finish. So, as I am nearly fully booked for 2014, my plans are exactly this!
What is your ideal future?

At the moment I have a very young family and as they grow I will be looking to expand the business by moving into different areas.  I’m currently very South West-based so would love to explore different venues and cultures.

Christian Michael Photography

Tell me about a few of your favourite things.
What is your favourite…
I don’t have a favourite film in particular, but am a fan of films directed by Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino.
Autobiography by Steve Jobs.
Aside from my own of course! I would have to say Facebook because it is a great way of keeping clients up to date with my latest ramblings.
Apple Store
St Ives

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