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A few pointers on blog photography

The other day I wrote I post on how I find the time for daily blogging and a lovely comment has inspired this post. Lonna said: "... I’d also like to tell you that in browsing your posts, I love how each one seems to have a lot of images and those images are all… Continue reading A few pointers on blog photography

falmouth university summer shows 2016

Feeling inspired at the Falmouth Summer Shows

There's nothing like walking around the Summer Shows at the number one arts university in the country to make you feel both inspired and utterly talentless! Image via I've always been a bit of a wordsmith and completely useless when it comes to drawing anything. It took me weeks to start bullet journalling because I… Continue reading Feeling inspired at the Falmouth Summer Shows

my life in photos may 2016
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My life in photos: May 2016

I'm making more of a conscious effort to take photos every day - and not just of Jenson! You may have spotted most of these snaps on Instagram over the last month and I like sharing them in an end of month round-up - even though it's been June for a week now. Crazy, right?… Continue reading My life in photos: May 2016

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My life in photos: April 2016

Well, that happened! April flew by in a blur of books, flowers, stationery and cute baby outfits! Here's a look at my (and Jenson's!) April in photos. 1. I love it when a new issue of Blogosphere comes out and the latest issue certainly didn't disappoint 2. I bought a new skirt! Well, actually, two,… Continue reading My life in photos: April 2016

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Follow Friday #46

It's moments like this that I'm grateful for my re-organisation of my Bloglovin' account. I cleverly created a separate collection for the posts I have read and loved, ready to upload to a Follow Friday post, making life super-easy when I come to do it at 9.45pm on a Friday. I'm armed with a bottle… Continue reading Follow Friday #46

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Follow Friday #35

Happy New Year! Still feeling the effects of last night? Snuggle down with a brew and some biccies and let these fabulous posts entertain you. Baby Wanna know how strong a mother's love is? Check out Jodie's post, which totally gave me the warm and fuzzies. And while you're at it, this dad's post about… Continue reading Follow Friday #35

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My life in photos: October 2015

Because so much of 'my' month is filled with photos of Jenson, I've decided to split this post into two parts - one featuring my month (general lifestyle shiz) and one featuring Jenson (outfits, toys, activities, etc). Fun, right? 1. I wrote about my miscarriage for Baby Loss Awareness Week 2. I went to The… Continue reading My life in photos: October 2015

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Follow Friday #26

I've been making my way through some old bookmarked posts and found loads of great recipes to try, blogging tips and Cornish recommendations. Enjoy! Lifestyle Why I Couldn’t Travel the World - The Cornish Life A breath of fresh air - Life Unexpected Feminist? Humanist? Intergalactic Tricycle Riding Mushroom? - aliljoy My Favourite Bristol Haunt… Continue reading Follow Friday #26

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My perfect day out

My bestie left the most incredible link on my Facebook timeline the other day. Regular readers of this blog will know that I'm a massive Audrey Hepburn fan (see previous posts here) - I've got dozens of books, every DVD, posters, prints, I've been to a photography exhibition... She really was the most fabulous woman… Continue reading My perfect day out

film reel bookmark from not on the high street
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Item of the day: Film reel bookmark from Not on the High Street

Now here's an item of the day which appeals to three sides of my fabulous, multi-faceted personality - film geek, book worm and my snap happy finger! This film reel bookmark from Not on the High Street can be customised with your own photos for just £7.99.