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Item of the day: Hatchet Job

mark kermode hatchet jobMark Kermode has a new book out! Yay! I first heard about it just a few days ago when I saw it advertised on the back of Little White Lies. Man, I’m behind on film news these days! For a few years (from the middle of my foundation degree until the start of my PGCE) I had a reasonable successful film blog. I was approached by people to plug stuff and had a couple hundred followers and really enjoyed being part of the film blogger community. Now that I’ve branched out into lifestyle, I miss Final Cut and keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to film news, but that level of commitment was hard to maintain. Hell, this level of commitment is hard to maintain.

Anyhoo, Mark Kermode has a new book out! And it’s about the effect of the negative review and the relevance of modern film criticism. Interesting! I love this guy. I don’t follow his contemporary reviews as much as I’d like (the guy is everywhere, so he’s hard to miss!) but I’ve got signed copies of his other books, so I’ll definitely be checking out this one too.

You can pre-order the hardback from Hive for £11.00. Not bad for a whole load of movie wisdom.

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