a bookworm's wish list

A bookworm’s wish list

The list of books I want to read grows by the day but I'm not going to include them all in this wish list. Instead, I'm focusing on gorgeous covers and special editions, as well as some rather fun accessories. Anne of Green Gables: V&A Collector's Edition, £9.98 | The Secret Garden: V&A Collector's Edition,… Continue reading A bookworm’s wish list

saturday share

Saturday Share #107

Take a break this weekend and catch up on these awesome blog posts, including books to change your life, a tasty shortbread recipe and body confidence. I love Lauren's book posts. This week she wrote a collaborative post about books which changed our lives. I have a few body image issues since having Jenson and… Continue reading Saturday Share #107

lights from cable and cotton
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Friday Favourites #38

I mentioned last week that I've brought back my traditional Friday Favourites for a few weeks while there's no #LittleLoves linky and, I have to admit, I've liked not having the restrictions of the read, watched, heard, made and wore themes. Especially in a week filled with stationery and books. Now that's a good week!… Continue reading Friday Favourites #38

Book review: I'd Rather Be Reading by Guinevere De La Mare

Book review: I’d Rather Be Reading by Guinevere De La Mare

To say I'm a bit of a bookworm would be a massive understatement. I always carry a book with me, I average a book a week, my bookshelves are overflowing and I can spend an hour just browsing a bookstore. And I'm pleased to say that I've found the perfect gift for the bookworm in… Continue reading Book review: I’d Rather Be Reading by Guinevere De La Mare

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Follow Friday #39

It's been a bit of a crazy week, having returned to work and hitting the sack around 9pm every night this week. I know, hardcore, right?! But in between reading Runaways Volume Three and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home on the bus, I've managed to catch up on a few blog posts… Continue reading Follow Friday #39

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Follow Friday #22

There is so much awesome in the blogosphere that my 'to read' list is just shy of 400 posts! Every time I read something amazing there's a dozen more posts to add to the list! Just like these little lovelies... Baby Dear Mummy, I'm Not Sleeping Because... - Huffington Post Babysitter box - Life Unexpected… Continue reading Follow Friday #22

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Follow Friday #21

This week's Follow Friday is short and sweet. Jenson has had a bit of a clingy day and I just haven't had the time or energy to catch up on bookmarked posts and share them with you lovely readers. For now, enjoy these little beauties and hopefully there will be something a bit more epic… Continue reading Follow Friday #21

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Follow Friday #19

Each morning I scroll through my Bloglovin feed, marking the less interesting posts as unread and vowing to get through the rest later. It almost never happens. Now I'm changing things up and saving the more interesting looking ones to a list to be read later - so they don't fall off my feed. I… Continue reading Follow Friday #19


The ‘Would You Rather’ book tag

I've been tagged by Manchester Flick Chick in a book tag and you know I love me a tag. I just can't help sharing! Here's the lowdown on me and my reading habits. Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones? I often get emotionally invested in characters and want to know more,… Continue reading The ‘Would You Rather’ book tag

another heartbeat in the house by kate beaufoy

A conversation with Kate Beaufoy

I was lucky enough to be able to read and review Kate Beaufoy's Another Heartbeat in the House ahead of its release earlier this month. I was particularly taken with the literary references within the novel and had the opportunity to quiz Kate on her literary inspiration. You can read the interview below. Emma: In… Continue reading A conversation with Kate Beaufoy